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  1. DavidF

    Dining table and chairs finished

    Because I know you all like pictures, here is the dining room table and chairs finally finished. Some of you actually came and visited to see the table before I left in 2010, so you can see I didn't do too well on the chairs. Carol had banned me from making 6 chairs because of the fear of never...
  2. DavidF

    Choice of bent lamination technique?

    Hi everyone, long time no post:o I am starting a project that involves curved tapered legs on a small side table. They are approx 16" high by 12" wide and curved in a 31" radius. Tapered from 3/4 at the bottom to 1 1/2" at the top. I have two choices: the first is the traditional way, by making...
  3. DavidF

    The Brit is almost back making sawdust!

    I know it's been a long time - is it really over two years!! But I haven't forgotten you guys! Just that I didn't have a workshop - until now! Almost done, sparky will be finished by the weekend - Pics to follow..... Not as much time these days to post or read the forum, the new job is keeping...
  4. DavidF

    Some fun stuff turned over the weekend

    Here are a couple of projects turned from a splated holly log that Roger (sapwood) gave me at last years picnic. The toothpick dispenser was a fun project and works well. It is about 4 1/2" tall by about 2 3/4" max dia. Finish is a friction polish. The bowl is about 7" dia and about 5" tall...
  5. DavidF

    Winged bowl

    A little something I was playing with over the weekend. It's a winged bowl, in hard maple with a bloodwood lid. The small disk on the top is box elder. A very economical way to turn a bowl as the initial blank was only 7 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/4". Finish is Claphams Bees wax and oil mix. Thanks...
  6. DavidF

    Design for new dining chair

    Nothing fancy, but this is the new design, or at least probably will be, for the dining chairs to go with the new table. Only little difference from normal construction is the side rails are morticed in to the back legs on the large chamfer that runs the full height of the leg. This detail picks...
  7. DavidF

    shop crawl date???

    Why does the banner say the doc shop crawl is on Sept 19th? it's on Nov 14th
  8. DavidF

    Dining table - how it was done

    Ok, here we go. This was actually not a difficult project to make; however, it WAS a difficult one to design and I truely believe that I could not have done it without the help of the CAD drawing, except by making many prototype pieces. In the end I only made one extra of the bottom and top legs...
  9. DavidF

    Dining table - Done!

    From concept: To reality: Just a few pics, not brilliant, but I will try and take some more. I will also try and do a "how I did it" if any body is interested. Material cost was about $2,000, of which $1400 was the custom glass. The woods are Curly soft maple and cherry...
  10. DavidF

    Double glazed window repaired

    We have the bottom half of a sash window where the double glazed panel has obviously failed as we see misting on the inside. Can these be repaired? if yes, where? (local to Raleigh or better still Pittsboro) if not, looks like I'll need to but a new complete window section, where would the best...
  11. DavidF

    heater for finishing - need to borrow

    For want of a better place to put this thread I chose here because it is sort of finishing related. I would love to borrow a "No breeze" heater. IE an oil filled radiator or similar to keep on as background heat in the shop during the spraying phase of this project. The current weather seems a...
  12. DavidF

    Email notification stopped

    Stopped getting email notification of postings I have subscribed to. Email address has not changed still Last one was 8/17 Any thoughts? Cheers, David
  13. DavidF

    Solid wood on Plywood

    Maybe a question for Howard A, but anyone can step in... "If" one had to glue solid wood to 1/2" ply for a project what would be the maximum thickness of solid that would have a sufficiently small amount seasonal movement to be acceptable? 1/8" seems pretty common, but engineered flooring...
  14. DavidF

    Pony express Salisbury -> Pittsboro

    Can Anybody out there help with getting the Delta Miter saw that I have just won on the auction by TracyP from His home in Salisbury to me either in Apex or Pittsboro? I am away on vacation starting Thursday this week and not returning until Sunday June 15th. I doubt anything could be...
  15. DavidF

    New project started - Finally!

    Well, for those of you that take great pleasure in letting me know how long my projects take - Travis..... I have purchased the wood and made the first cut in the Dining room table project. I got let down by East Wake Hardwoods as far as the Big Leaf Maple I was looking for, partially by poor...
  16. DavidF

    Table saw tapering - either way round

    I can't think of a preference my self, but is there a right and wrong way or a preference to feeding a tapering jig into a TS so that the the thin end or the thick end gets cut first. I know the hinged aluminium taper jigs cut thick end first, but is there any reason not to do it the other way...
  17. DavidF

    DW735 planer blades

    Looking for a good place to buy replacement blade set for the DW735 planer. TIA
  18. DavidF

    New career, wood shop instructor

    It seems that I am becoming a wood shop instructor at the new "TechShop" in Durham:swoon: And would love your input on a possible set of classes/courses that I am thinking of putting together. I had an idea to perhaps have various classes within an overall...
  19. DavidF

    Parallel venting of cooker hood and dryer

    Do any of you know of a kit that enables a cooker hood and dryer to use the same external vent? A friend of mine has this set up in his home in Canada. There are flap valves on each side that only open when that particular fan is blowing, preventing either cooking fumes ending up in the dryer or...
  20. DavidF

    Room mate needed

    We have a nice apartment in Apex that we have just acquired to rent. The new tenant is an engineer that works for me. He wants to share the rent with another person. If you have a need or know somebody that is relocating to the area please let me know. PM me for costs etc. This is our original...

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