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  1. Steve D

    Dining Room Commission Project

    Rob, Great job on a great project! You really put a lot of though into maximizing the space and it came together very well. Obviously a lot of work but I'm not suprised that your client is pleased.:icon_thum
  2. Steve D

    Spraying shellack (coarse texture) normal?

    Travis, It sounds likethings are turning out well. I usually spray at least 3 coats before sanding to achieve some build first, then sand with 320 and spray a final topcoat or two. It's not unusual to end up with a fairly rough feeling texture until you sand level but the next coats should...
  3. Steve D

    Cabinet Door / Speaker Cloth

  4. Steve D

    Bench upgrades....

    Nice job Dave. I'm in the same boat with a 'treener bench. I have never had the money when I had the time and when I've had the money, no time:eusa_booh
  5. Steve D

    Making raised panel cabinet doors ?

    Mark the back side of your stiles and rails so you know which way you want to orient them. Make sure that you don't flip things around when cutting the ends on the rails (damhikt) :lol: .
  6. Steve D

    Windfall Timber

    Fortunately, the tree fell down into the lower valley. The force took out several large limbs and another good sized tree on the way down. After all of that heavy lifting of machines at John's place I figured you would be anxious to come help lift some beams and chop some mortises. :lol:
  7. Steve D

    Windfall Timber

    Travis, The wood is best worked green for timber framing, it would be a long time before the wood would be dry enough to even go in a kiln at that thickness. I do have several "left overs"; including one slab that is 2" x 24" x 14' that has some beautiful quarter sawn rays & flecks. There are...
  8. Steve D

    Windfall Timber

    My latest project is a complete reconstruction of the back yard at our house. I'm building a hot tub/spa from scratch and also putting in a stone patio. I was planning to make a cover over the spa from salvaged joists when I rebuild our deck, but the recent windstorm dropped a massive red oak on...
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  15. Steve D

    Rust Removal by Electrolysis for Tablesaw Tops (without removing the top)

    Yes, metal that is cleaned by electrolysis will develop rust very quickly but it is a very light surface rust that can quickly be removed with scotchbrite. You do want to get a film on the metal quickly if you want to avoid it.
  16. Steve D

    Bon Voyage, John!

    No, it just means that he is switching to ancient Chinese hand tools... Have a safe and wonderful trip!
  17. Steve D

    My decks need help

    Mark, I'm not close enought to help you with a quote, but I have built a lot of decks. The first thing you need to check to see if the tops of the joists are rotted too. If they are, you are better off starting over. I may have misunderstood you, is the deck only seven years old and cypress is...
  18. Steve D

    Cyclones on eBay

    Alan, Not to be disagreeable, but I can speak to this unit from personal experience. I have it in my shop with 6" duct run throughout. I converted my old Grizzly DC and was able to get a cyclone system that functions very well for a minimal investment. I have a Wynne filter on the discharge...
  19. Steve D

    Spray Booth

    Good advice, I spray both water based and regular lacquer, as well as shellac. I am set up for a flamable spraying and always wear a respirator appropriate for the finish. Another item to consider - a dust mask is not a respirator.....
  20. Steve D

    Spray Booth

    Another option is to use plastic sheeting. Anchor it at the ceiling with a 1x2 and tack another 1x2 at the bottom for weight. One for each side, 4 total. They can be rolled up when not in use and strapped to the ceiling. Use spring clamps where the corners meet. Cut an opening on one side at the...

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