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    Nova Comet II Lathe

    I kinda figured that may have been what happened! Thanks for the reply. I am probably going to buy a new one soon.
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    Nova Comet II Lathe

    Have been bidding on the lathe, but it has disappeared! Want to make another bid.
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    GoodWill Lathe - Anyone interested?

    Michael notified me about the good will lathe. I would definitely be interested in having it for awhile. Just let me know what I would need to do. Sounds like a great opportunity to get acquainted with turning!
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    My Account

    YES! All is working just like it should. Thanks to all who replied. Nice to know that someone cares! Looking forward to spending time on this site. Thanks again, Martin
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    My Account

    Thanks to all who replied. Just to clarify that in addition to the classified, after inviting me to update my profile, it will not let me in to that either. That would not be something that someone would use to take advantage, I don't think. In any event, Mike will make a bid for me and I...
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    My Account

    I joined and clicked on the email and it said I was activated, but when I try to post, bid or update my profile, it says that I don't have sufficeint permissions? I noticed in the email an activation code. I was never asked for a code. If I try to use the link to enter the code, it tells me...

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