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  1. TBradley190

    Need a turner!!

    Hello, I hope I'm posting in the right place. I'm looking for someone who could turn (4) 29" table legs for me. I have 4" walnut blanks already squared and true. I live in the Sanford area, but can deliver and pick up within a reasonable distance. If someone could do this, message me your...
  2. TBradley190

    Super Dust Deputy Question

    Gentlemen, Now that my lumber racks are finished, my next shop upgade is hard piping my dust collection. I'm currently using a woodtek 2hp dc with 5 micron bags (which are a pain to empty when I'm planing). My first thought was to incorporate a trash can separator to make empting easier, but I...
  3. TBradley190

    C/L find...Good deal or not?

    Hey Guys, It's been while since I've been on here, Hope all of you are doing well. I found this today and was wondering if their are any issues that you know of about this saw? Owner says it's 6 years old and barely used. Tell me what you think...
  4. TBradley190

    Which Shoulder Plane?

    Hey Guys, I'm in the process of building a morris chair which is taking my M/T skills to a new level to say the least. I have figured out that I need a shoulder plane and was wondering what you guys are using and what you are happy with. I must say I'm not impressed with any of the Stanley...
  5. TBradley190

    Prefab Pergola

    Here's some pics of the pergola porch we just finished at our house at White Lake. Not that complicated of a project to build except that I tried something I had never done before. It's hard for all the guys in my family to get together enough weekends to complete a project like this and we...
  6. TBradley190

    No more missing fingers!

    If you guys have seen this I apologize, if not its worth seeing. Will tear your saw all to pieces, but will definetly save your finger!!! This guy has faith in his product. Tim
  7. TBradley190

    Argh! Argh! Argh!...New Bandsaw!

    Just put my new Rikon 10-325 deluxe together thanks to Chris (merrill77) and it cuts like dream! Soooo much better than the old Craftsman 12" that it replaced. Took a little time to get it tuned up, but with the factory blade ( which is a little cheap) it seems to perform very well. I tested the...
  8. TBradley190

    The New Guy

    Great forum, without fail every time I get stumped on a WW problem, I research it and there is a thread on here that covers my issue, so I thought it was time to get in on it. I'm Tim from western Harnett Co where the sun sets between the house and the woods. Been making sawdust for most of my...

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