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  1. Flute Maker

    WTB Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

    I am looking at cross slide vise for my drill press to do one light milling operation on my flutes.. I look at the ones online and wonder what is a good one.It would be on an old heavy Delta Rockwell drill press. I know ideally it would be good to have a light milling machine but cant justify...
  2. Flute Maker

    WTB Router

    I am looking for a good router if someone has one they dont need. Just send me a message on what you have...not a trim router though. Thanks in advance!
  3. Flute Maker

    Remove Warp or Cup from Flute Blank

    My flute blanks are 1 1/2 by 1 1/2" by 34" I could take just enough off to level it out so I could use them..I guess if you had a jointer you could do it that way...never used one even though I have one on my Delta Multi tool. I was thinking some kind of hand plane to just remove enough of cup...
  4. Flute Maker

    WTB or Trade for Blacksmith Anvil

    I have a grandson who has a sincere interest in blacksmithing..He has some tools, a forge and a small anvil but could use a better one. He has a friend that is pretty good .My grandson wants to make knives etc. If you have anything let me know. Just looking right now...hoping to maybe find one!
  5. Flute Maker

    Want to Buy Box Elder

    I am looking for some box elder for a flute making. Im just trying to get this wood for a replica flute If I can find some it would need to be 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 32"..Anyone got an idea where I might could find some? Or I may have to think of a substitute.
  6. Flute Maker

    Delta Multi Tool Sell or Trade **** Added Some Pics!

    I have the Delta Multi Tool with the drill press, table saw and jointer. I have used the tablesaw and drill press but not the jointer.The guy I got it from made some videos of him using all of them .The tool works good.I just have a small shop and would like to have a small tablesaw and good...
  7. Flute Maker

    Oscillating Spindle Sander Wanted (I think)

    I am pondering the idea of a oscillating spindle sander.I am unsure about which one is a good one but dont want to break the bank Just thinking at this point.I have a few operations I could use them on in my flute making.Any ideas would be helpful or if someone has one they might want want to...
  8. Flute Maker

    "Refinish" for Outside Table

    My wife bought a wooden table and 4 wooden chairs about 2 to 3 yrs. ago.I think it is supposed to be teak but I really am not sure. They said it would weather and turn some in color. Anyhow it has been in the yard. I did cover it this past winter with a tarp to keep all the rain off.It has...
  9. Flute Maker

    Random Orbital Sanders

    I am just sort of looking at these 2 sanders. I am wondering if they are any good? Would they make sanding any easier on bowls and flutes? easier on my hands??? The arthritis is not good right now. Check the links out and give me your honest opinion. Thanks in advance. (I want something...
  10. Flute Maker

    Remote Start or Switch on Wall etc. for Dust Collection.

    I mainly use my H.F dust collector on my lathe. The DC is in the back of the shop ...only 20 ft' at most away from the lathe.I would like to be able to turn it on and off right at the lathe. I don't want to spend a lot . It is more of a convenience than anything.What do you guys use? Thanks In...
  11. Flute Maker

    Bosch 1617 Adjustment

    I got a Bosch 1617 router a while back...It has the base where you can adjust the height from the top of the router table..I haven’t used this much at all. I needed to recently and tried .I can’t get the adjustment to work. Maybe someone can direct me on this. I would like to throw this base...
  12. Flute Maker

    Need Another Small Piece of Wood

    I need a 2 pieces of cocobolo 5" long a, a little over 3/4" wide and a 1/4" thick.Really only need one but asking for 2 just in case I have a boo boo !!! lol I will pay for them if you have some....But I wouldnt want someone getting out unless they were already going to post office at this...
  13. Flute Maker

    Really Small Piece of Walnut Needed

    I need a small piece of walnut 3/8" by 3/8" by 4" long. (It can be thicker one and Ill remove excess.) Hard to explain but I am making a repair on a flute....cutting a 3/8" groove which is already done and inserting/gluing this 3/8" piece and then routing the thickness down to where it need...
  14. Flute Maker

    Looking for Good Eastern Red Cedar

    I am looking for some good eastern red cedar.Anyone know where some maybe found...With little or no knots
  15. Flute Maker

    Muscle Chuck or Other Similar Product for Dewalt DP611PK Router

    Is there a muscle chuck or a similar product for a DEWALT DWP611PK router? It isnt hard to change the bits but tightening it could be easier. Im sure none are available with Muscle chuck but any other options?
  16. Flute Maker

    Tools for Sale

    1. Sorby Full size texturing tool with an extra cutter wheel. ($100 for Texturing tool plus extra cutter wheel) 2. Wagner Texturing tool...
  17. Flute Maker

    Looking for a Small Tabletop Drill Press

    I am looking for a small good built quality tabletop drill press.This one will just be for wood particularly on my flutes.) I can do a trade of some sort or buy it.Thanks in advance.
  18. Flute Maker

    Pyrography and Wood Carving Books For Sale

    I have 8 wood carving books which include some patterns, relief carving, carving birds, carving the head and carving kids etc.Alo I have 3 wood burning or pyrography books.They are all in like new condition. (one page is loose from one of the woodcarving books but is still fully intact...These...
  19. Flute Maker

    Small Vise

    I am looking for a small vise to use to hold some small pieces as I sand/shape them. I have a couple of vises I might could trade one of them for one.Or maybe work out some other deal. or just let me know if you see a link for a good quality vise that would hold smallish pieces as they are...
  20. Flute Maker

    Finish for Flutes ?

    I make wooden flutes.I have been using wipe on poly...Is there any epoxy type that is easy to apply or some other type?I have seen in the past where some makers dipped theirs in poly ,varnish or whatever but I just see that as a nightmare almost ...maybe for runs etc. I make wooden flutes.I...

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