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    Makita MAC700 Hot Dog Compressor

    Great little compressor, but too heavy for me to drag from site to site. Cast Iron, oiled pump. Very quiet. $175. Located in Durham.
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    Porter Cable 690 D handle Router

    PC 690 with d handle base. Comes with 1/2" and 1/4" collets, wrenches, and a giant square base new in the package. I think the big square base could double as a router table insert. Located in Durham. $100. Sold.
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    Porter Cable 314 Trim Saw

    When made in the USA meant quality! Porter cable 314 trim saw. Includes original metal case, 3 blades, oem lube, wrench, and what tools like a splinter guard. $150. Located in Durham.
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    German Bench Vise Hardware

    Bench vise hardware. Opens to 8.5" metal to metal. Says made in Germany. Can't find a brand on it. Superficial rust. $50.
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    Old School joinery at the thrift store.

    Did a little thrifting yesterday. I don't need a dresser, but I always stop by the dresser area to see if there's anything hand built, old school. There were two. I'm kinda kicking myself now for not taking pictures of the whole dressers. I always love to see a drawer bottom that's one giant...
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    Moving from Carpentry to Cabinetry

    I've worked in construction since ~2013 or so. I've been a framer and mostly done remodel and historical work. Lots of additions, decks, trim outs, etc. I'd really like to move from doing this kind of general construction to smaller scale cabinetry (built-ins, vanities, etc). I've done this...
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    A Couple Dutchmen

    Currently working at a house where the previous contractor absolutely butchered the door hardware install. Not sure what happened, the other work in the house looks pretty good. New replacement old school mortise locks. For some reason I love messing with these. Some of you hardcore hand tool...
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    Odds and Ends

    Cleaning up some stuff around the workshop. With covid in mind, small items will be shipped, the pipes will be a no contact pick up. 1. Miller's Falls No. 75 block plane. Good shape. Was razor sharp about a year ago....but I'm getting lazy. $25. 2. Metabo/Rohm 1/2" keyless chuck, all metal and...
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    Who's been in construction for a really long time?

    Wasn't really sure which section to put this. I found some old hard hats at a thrift store. Does anyone here remember fiberglass hard hats being the norm? These are miner's hats, from the lamp mount and the fact that they say something about the Pennsylvania Coal Mine Commission. The blue hat...
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    Irwin Auger Brace Bit Set w/ 2 Stanley Flat Head Drivers.

    1/4, 2 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1. All are fairly sharp. None appear to have been sharpened on their outside diameter, lead screws look good. $30. I'm in Durham.
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    Cute Little Dust Collector

    Picked up this adorable Makita dust collector today. Has a zipper bag that attaches to the side that's almost as large as a regular dust collector bag. I plan on building a little cart for my Hitachi combo machine and this will live underneath.
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    Old Nailers and Staplers

    Looking around, it seems the nickle squeezers at the tool cartel have milked about everything they can out of finish guns. While they're smaller and lighter*, they seem to almost be disposable. Seems like my boss buys a brad nailer at least once a year. I'm not old enough to remember the large...
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    Walker Turner Cabinet Saw on Raleigh CL

    If only I had the space! Can't seem to copy/paste the URL from my phone.
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    Makita 3612BR Plunge Router

    Bought this NOS a while back. Been used exactly 1 time. Comes with the box (unfortunately I cut the lid off the box), wrench, and a 1/4 collet insert. Perfect condition. $150. I'm in Durham. Will ship. Thanks!
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    Porter Cable Router Table

    Hey y'all. I've been using my temporary router table way too long. Was thinking of picking up one of the Porter Cable portable router tables. Looking for mini reviews if any of you have owned one of these. I really need a portable table as much as I'd love a big cast iron shaper. I've also...
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    Wanted: PC/Rockwell Worm Drive Belt Sander

    If you got one you never want to lift again, sell it to me! Probably a long shot, but would prefer to find one with a dust port.
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    Big Glue Ups

    Hey Y'all. I'm making a large butcher block for a friend, about 2' x 4' and made of ~1-7/8 strips. I did a test glue up out of off cuts that's probably 16x20. Even with the smaller piece, I'm having trouble getting the whole thing together before the glue tacks up. How do y'all do big glue ups...
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    Wanted: Hard Maple or Beech

    Hey y'all, Got a little butcher block project I'm doing for a friend. I was originally going to use Beech, since I have a 2x10 of it and figured I could get the rest of what I need from Capital City or the Hardwood store. As it turns out, Capital City is out of 8/4 and isn't getting any more. I...
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    Ryobi Resaw Band Saw

    Not mine.
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    Looking for those super silky paint finishes

    So, I'm currently trying to flesh out a few projects that I want a really clean paint finish on. I've done a few slick paint jobs in the past with rollers and oil paint, but had a garage to work in. At my current place, my choices of workspace are outside or a spare bedroom. The long dry times...

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