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    Bushing Dust on Pen

    Just getting back into turning and an old problem has come up again. When sanding a pen I keep getting bushing dust on the wood. Especially when working with light colored wood. I saw a post where somebody mentioned sealing the wood with CA glue but I seem to get the dust in the wood during the...
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    Table extension for bandsaw.

    I recently bought a "HD special" bandsaw. Definitely nothing fancy but seems to work ok after bit of tweaking. Just got a resaw fence for it but I need to come up with a table extension that can be easily removed and set up. Shop space is limited (wife refuses to park the car outside and leave...
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    Need some Red Maple??

    I have a Red Maple (I think) tree trunk standing that is free to anyone that wants it. The trunk is 25-30 foot tall and about 20" in diameter about 5 foot up. Top of tree fell during the winter. Bottom branches had leaves but they died a month or so ago. I don't know the condition of the wood...
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    New member

    Hi all, Just wanted to say hello. My name is Bill and live in the Newton, NC area. Been doing woodworking for years and woodturning for 3 or 4. I make a lot of sawdust but sometimes I end up with something recognizable. I'm hoping to learn from other members so there's less dust and even more...

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