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  1. LastChanceWoodshop

    Source for 20' 2x8s ?

    You guys are awesome. Your suggestions are already more valuable than the best google had to offer!
  2. LastChanceWoodshop

    Source for 20' 2x8s ?

    I forgot to add that I'm running electrical inside of it for surround speakers, not a bad idea though. Will give BMC a try in Greensboro, thanks for the suggestion!
  3. LastChanceWoodshop

    Source for 20' 2x8s ?

    I'm building a faux stained beam for my living room with a span of 16' 4". I'd like to keep it to one piece if possible. Anyone know of a source? Does Canfor sell small quantities?
  4. LastChanceWoodshop

    What am I supposed to do with this...

    Don't Scrap it! Let me know if you need someone to take it off your hands
  5. LastChanceWoodshop

    Suggestion on Hold Fasts

    I've got the Grammercy style. They work well!
  6. LastChanceWoodshop

    Sold - 2X 8" Craftsman (King Seeley) saw project needs a new home

    The time has come to pass this project on to someone who will finish it (or needs parts). Included are two saws, one dual shaft motor 3/4 HP 3450 RPM motor, 4 "waffle-style" cast iron wings, 2 fences, and 2 miter gauges, and 4 metal legs. Asking $100 for the lot, pickup in Graham NC. Jason
  7. LastChanceWoodshop

    WTB - Quiet compressor advice

    I have a Makita big bore MAC700 that is really quiet. It also has an oil bath compressor with a cast iron housing.
  8. LastChanceWoodshop

    Lovingly Remembered

    Phil, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your wife. You have my sympathy and my prayers for peace.
  9. LastChanceWoodshop

    Process steps to keep holes true?

    Dave, Apologies, I misunderstood your question. I have been drilling the hole first and then using a live center in the tail stock for the actual turning.
  10. LastChanceWoodshop

    Process steps to keep holes true?

    I haven't been drilling off the lathe. So far I've marked the center and center punched it, then drilled with the tail stock
  11. LastChanceWoodshop

    Process steps to keep holes true?

    Hope everyone had a joyous Christmas! I tapped my mediocre turning skills to make a whistle for my daughter. She loved it, bit it took a couple of tries to get a concentric hole down the axis of the whistle. I'm using a Craftsman lathe with a Nova chuck and drilling with the tailstock. I...
  12. LastChanceWoodshop

    Cord Repair

    Well done!
  13. LastChanceWoodshop

    Cord Repair

    You will have to double check the diameter of the barrel connector, but something like this should replace your cord:
  14. LastChanceWoodshop

    Cord Repair

    Straight wire with prongs, or small black box that plugs in to the wall? If the latter, the box will have a label that lists the input and output. Look for an adapter that has the same rating. Or post a picture and I will see if I can help.
  15. LastChanceWoodshop

    Cord Repair

    If it's the model with the magnetic base and the DC adapter, you can match the name plate rating on the wall wart with something from Amazon. Maybe $10? Does it have a DC adapter or an AC cord?
  16. LastChanceWoodshop

    Scandinavian workbench

    Not a problem, hope you enjoy!
  17. LastChanceWoodshop

    Scandinavian workbench

    Not my ad, but this is located in Garner for $200.
  18. LastChanceWoodshop

    Entering the World of Crepe Myrtle

    Gene, I've got a couple of dry pieces in the shed. But Danny is right, almost all of them have one good crack that goes half the diameter. What are you making?
  19. LastChanceWoodshop

    Garage Door Insulation Project

    My foam panels only have 3.8 rating, but it's gotta be better than bare steel.

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