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  1. TBradley190

    Need a turner!!

    The above pic is what I'm looking for!! Thanks
  2. TBradley190

    Need a turner!!

  3. TBradley190

    Need a turner!!

    Hello, I hope I'm posting in the right place. I'm looking for someone who could turn (4) 29" table legs for me. I have 4" walnut blanks already squared and true. I live in the Sanford area, but can deliver and pick up within a reasonable distance. If someone could do this, message me your...
  4. TBradley190

    Managing Shop Clutter

    I use the "10" rule. I even have a big 10 on the back of my shop door to remind me to find 10 things, tools, screws, pieces of scrap, etc, and put them back in their place before I leave the shop. This has helped me tremendously keep the clutter down to a minimum. But, it's just like any...
  5. TBradley190

    Pedestal for new washing machine.

    If you leave the door partially open after washes so mildew can't grow inside, it will not smell. Ours was the same way.
  6. TBradley190

    Pedestal for new washing machine.

    I'm with you on that one Tom. I did the same thing when mine went out and they wanted $156 each for the pedestals. So I built a double pedestal for both w/d and the LOML said she loves them better than the factory metal ones, and they match her laundry room. Looks great!!! Tim
  7. TBradley190

    Super Dust Deputy Question

    Gentlemen, Now that my lumber racks are finished, my next shop upgade is hard piping my dust collection. I'm currently using a woodtek 2hp dc with 5 micron bags (which are a pain to empty when I'm planing). My first thought was to incorporate a trash can separator to make empting easier, but I...
  8. TBradley190

    Two 20# Propance CylindersFfilled $25

    $12 at Farmers Gas in Lillington 80% full(law). Best deal I've found!
  9. TBradley190

    How many here do commission work?

    That's how I support my habit/addiction! Tim
  10. TBradley190

    Question on dimensions for a bar

    With 24.5 total width, 4" knee wall will probably not be enough support unless you use some really big brackets or corbels. I would go with 12" overhang on the seat side just to allow for extra knee room for tall folks. 2x6 knee wall, and if you're covering with 3/4" plywood that should give...
  11. TBradley190

    Jet 15" planer?

    I have the same planer I bought on C/L for the same price and drove 100 miles to get it. Best money I've spent in my shop. Couple it with a set of solid carbide blades and I think you'll like it. Tim
  12. TBradley190

    Lumber run tomorrow

    :rotflm::rotflm:Bas, that ws over the top!!! Thanks for getting my blood pumping with a good laugh this morning....Hilarious Tim
  13. TBradley190

    Lumber run tomorrow

    Maple keepsake box with walnut and cherry inlay and cherry hope chest with maple accents and possibly inlay. Thanks again Chris and Kevin. It's some purdy wood!!!! Tim
  14. TBradley190

    Hard maple? Soft maple? Birch?

    The only way I can tell hm from sm is hm weighs a little more and the grain is a bit more prominant, but its not easy to tell the difference. I'm sure some on here will give you more information. Tim
  15. TBradley190

    Looking for bandsaw (14"-18")

    +1 on the 10-325 and woodslicer blade!!! Great combo for resawing, 1/2" works well with the factory fence too!
  16. TBradley190

    Refinishing old red brown firniture and new wood

    If you want to make it match, you will need to know for certain what wood species it is. If it is indeed pine, your best bet would be find some reclaimed lumber for the lower and completly strip and sand the upper. Depending on what the orignal was finished with, you may not be able to get it...
  17. TBradley190

    Need help Id router bits for this

    The profile on the back looks like the tricky part, possibly custom made. I wonder if a traditional entry door set with 1/4 slot cutter set for 3/4 would give you the same look? The outside profile looks to be traditional, but I'm just guessing John. Good luck with it!!
  18. TBradley190

    Looking for help building a cabinet for my chop saw / planer

    If you can find it on line, American Woodworker #82 Oct 2000 featured exactly what you are looking for. The "Ultimate Tool Stand" works great for ms and planer. Tim
  19. TBradley190

    Laminar Design

    Re: OK...How I Did It !! +1 Very impressive!!!

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