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  1. Splinter

    And the good will lathe goes to

    It is going to cost you PLENTY. :D I was the second lucky recipient of the Good Will Lathe and now I own three lathes and have lost count of the number of lathe tools and accessories. But have I ever had fun. Warning it can be addictive. I predict that after you turn a few items that you will...
  2. Splinter

    Looking for potential manufacturers/suppliers of fine furniture

    Maybe not what you would call "high end" furniture but there is still one manufacture of handmade furniture left in North Carolina. We just purchased two of their rockers. Very well built and very comfortable. Their assembly technique does not use any glue...
  3. Splinter

    Your experience: Self taught vs Instruction

    Join a local Woodturning Club. Normally the membership fee is not much and most do demos at their meetings and have mentors that will help you for free. Consider attending the NC Woodturning Symposium in Greensboro is November. You will get to watch some...
  4. Splinter

    Walnut slab benches

    You did an excellent job of showing off what nature provided.
  5. Splinter

    metal building for shop

    I built a shop 32' x 64' with 12' ceiling in a style similar to the Morton buildings but I hired local carpenters that work by the hour and I saved a LOT of money over the Morton building and everyone else I got quotes from. It is in the pole barn style covered in colored metal with concrete...
  6. Splinter

    Pony Express from Raleigh/points North to Greensboro

    Mike I will be heading West on I40 in August but I guess that would be a little late.
  7. Splinter

    Weight loss update

    Looking good. It takes a lot dedication and will power to do what you are doing. Looks like you have your priorities in order so your daughters will have you around for a long time.
  8. Splinter

    Custom Furniture Needed

    I was contacted by an aquaintance about a lady that is looking for someone to make some furniture for her. I don't know what she wants make. If someone here is interested in making custom furniture send me a PM and I will give you her name and # to call for the deatils.
  9. Splinter

    Look for Cedar, or something like it

    Alex, As others have said, Cypress is a good choice for outdoor furniture and not very expensive. I have bought lots of Cypress from Ivey. He is a good guy and has nice wood and cut it about any way you want it.
  10. Splinter

    Hollow Form?

    Can you or anyone else get a finger inside the HF? If not why does it have to be sanded. If you can then you have the have something like a pair of forceps that you can hold sandpaper with and work that inside.
  11. Splinter

    Kitless Bottle Stopper

    Nice design - but trying to get a cork that was used in a wine bottle back in the bottle is not very easy. They are put in with a press at the winery. The corks used in bottle stopper kits are tapered on the end. You might want to test this one before you present it to the customer.
  12. Splinter

    I made the leap!

    Matt, I am not too far from you (maybe 25 miles or so) if you want to come over some time. I can show you how to salvage that pen that you pushed the pen transmission in too far. Or to discuss turning. I have a few home made turning tools that are easy to make and can save you some money over...
  13. Splinter

    Cherry Wedding Goblet

    Very nice. That will be a family keepsake for sure. Did you use a ring tool to cut the rings?
  14. Splinter

    Latest turning completed

  15. Splinter

    Turning Tools - Suggestions

    All the above is good advise. No tool will stay sharp if you use it, so you will have to buy a some type of sharpening system. Personally I would recommend a cheaper set of tools (Harbor Freight or Penn State) until you learn how to sharpen them. Using an expensive tool to learn how to sharpen...
  16. Splinter

    Home from Afghanistan!

    Welcome home. :banana::banana:Thanks for all you do for this country.:notworthy::notworthy:
  17. Splinter

    Rikon 70-100?

    Yes, it is a nice Mini Lathe. But as others have said the lathe is just the beginning of the slippery slope. I was the second person to use the Goodwill Lathe - fastforward 3 years and now I have 2 lathes, several lathe tools, etc. but having a ball with them. Have even made a few $$ with lathe...
  18. Splinter

    lathe tool holder

    Here is one that is fast and cheap and works great for a wall hanging lathe tool holder. Take a 2 x 4 (any length desired) and cut a 45 on each end. Then drill holes just a little larger than the shank end of the handle spaced so that none of the tools touch each other. Drill a shallow hole...
  19. Splinter

    wilmington/wallace area handplanes

    Ben, Second the flea market at the Stockyard in Wallace on Thursday. Sometimes you can get a fair plane there. I have bought one or two there. I am from the Wallace area and have a few planes (one that was my father's) but you can't have them. :gar-La; Just kidding. I need to get them tuned...
  20. Splinter

    End grain Spalted Pecan Box

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