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  1. Steve D

    Windfall Timber

    My latest project is a complete reconstruction of the back yard at our house. I'm building a hot tub/spa from scratch and also putting in a stone patio. I was planning to make a cover over the spa from salvaged joists when I rebuild our deck, but the recent windstorm dropped a massive red oak on...
  2. Steve D

    Drawer front progress

    This weekend I milled up a bunch of stock for the drawer fronts. I still need to spray them with anyline dye, glue up and spray with lacquer. This is a shot of my screw up, seem to have one of those on every project :oops: :oops: This is the jig I made for cutting the ends of the rails
  3. Steve D

    Yes, I still do woodworking...

    I haven't had much in the way of woodworking projects to post lately but that is changing now that I'm back on the kitchen. I just finished the second and final countertop. It is 8/4 cherry and the profile mimics the shape of the cabinets. It was awesome to work this wood with the 12" Cresent. I...
  4. Steve D

    What I've been doing with my spare time...

    Here are a couple of shots of the recent outdoor project McRabbett and I havebeen working on. Normally a 12 x 15 deck isn't a big deal, but when it's 9' in the air and you need to put a French door into the side of a client's house where no door exists, it gets a little more exciting. We...
  5. Steve D

    Deck Project

    We have just wrapped up a little outdoor woodworking project that has consumed quite a bit of time the past couple of weeks but generated some nice cash flow. Rob, aka McRabbett, was my wing man for this project. The client had an existing deck on the second story, which was a typical...
  6. Steve D

    It's Alive!

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  7. Steve D

    The Mood feature

    I just noticed the mood feature, could have been there for months for all I know. Just curious if you read through all of the options there Steve. Is that mood setting visible to others when you set it? I see the potential to stir things up a bit with options like horny, studly, flirty, etc...
  8. Steve D

    The Phoenix has risen!

    Before: After: Copper Thickness scale on fence: Brass angle indicator: I still need to tune it up and run power but the SS Crescent is ready for duty! 8-) Thanks for looking.
  9. Steve D

    Prime Time!

    The jointer is primed and ready to topcoat! :mrgreen:
  10. Steve D

    Input on cordless impact drivers please

    I'm getting ready to do some deck work and thinking about grabbing a cordless impact driver. I'd appreciate any hands on experience and recommendation for brand, voltage and exceptional deals. :mrgreen: From the reviews Makita and DeWalt seem to have their typical following and most seem to...
  11. Steve D

    Anyone know what is up with website requests?

    Several website requests have landed in the que and all appear to be bogus, any clue?
  12. Steve D

    Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

    Here's the latest update - test fit of the power plant. :mrgreen: Yes, I'm dying to run it, no I haven't yet.......
  13. Steve D

    Woodguy's Benches, firsthand account

    I had the pleasure of spending the day in Woodguy's shop for our chairmaking class today. It was a very complicated day, hand rasping the spindles for our chairs. This was a very complex operation, an if it we're for the inspiration provided by the penguins carved into the benches, I don't think...
  14. Steve D

    Babbitt Time

    Today was the day to repour the Babbitts. After searching extensively I finally came up with a metal funnel, hard to find in this world of plastic. McRabbett came over to assist and it was terrific to have another pair of hands. The castings need to be heated at the same time the Babbitt metal...
  15. Steve D

    A day at the beach

    The SS Crescent has been dry docked with all of the smaller components going through an electrolysis clean up. The base decided to spend spring break on the black sand beaches created by the sandblasting it is now ready for a little body work, primer and paint. I have the jointer completely...
  16. Steve D

    Latest cabinet project

    I just completed the install on some Shaker style Hickory cabinets that I made for a client. There are several other in process pics in my gallery for those interested. These were made for their laundry room and match the same style cabinets in their kitchen. I used white thermofoil, veneer core...
  17. Steve D

    Procraft album

    I don't know what happened but I created an album for Procraft and verified it was there. I later noticed that he posted a problem uploading so I went back and checked and his album was gone. Did anyone take an action?
  18. Steve D

    Electrolysis - it's not just for breakfast anymore

    I just ran my first attempt at electrolysis last night on some parts for the Crescent jointer, it is awesome. I ran a batch with the two threaded knobs that attach the fence to the table. I wanted to start small to get a level of comfort before taking on a large batch. The electrolysis stripped...
  19. Steve D

    Cyclone update

    After a month of fairly heavy use, I pulled the bucket off from the cartridge filter and other than a trace of dust it was empty. The cyclone is essentially separating all dust except for extremely fine particles. At this rate, I can't imagine that I'd need to empty the bucket on the cartidge...
  20. Steve D

    Negative experience with Gennett Lumber in Asheville

    I needed to pick up some additional lumber recently for a project that I'm doing and only needed about 8 bd ft of wood. I've always found Gennett's pricing to be far from competitive but for the small amount it didn't make sense to go to Greenville, SC. I got there, selected the piece I needed...

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