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    Bushing Dust on Pen

    Will do!
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    Bushing Dust on Pen

    Thanks for the responses. That'll give me a few things to try. Think I'll start with cleaning the bushings with DNA. Put a coat of CA on the bushings to seal it. Then before sanding, remove the bushings and try the spare pen tube cut to make some spacers. May be overkill but it would be nice to...
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    Bushing Dust on Pen

    Just getting back into turning and an old problem has come up again. When sanding a pen I keep getting bushing dust on the wood. Especially when working with light colored wood. I saw a post where somebody mentioned sealing the wood with CA glue but I seem to get the dust in the wood during the...
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    Long Tool Rest For Jet 1442

    Not sure how long your're looking for but Woodcraft has a 12" rest on clearance.
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    Table extension for bandsaw.

    Ethan, Bruce, Thanks for the responses. Guess I coulda been a little clearer on what I was looking for. I'm looking for an extension just to on side so I can resaw some logs. I've got some oak logs that I want to cut into some stock for spindles. The overlay is something I will probably do on...
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    Table extension for bandsaw.

    I recently bought a "HD special" bandsaw. Definitely nothing fancy but seems to work ok after bit of tweaking. Just got a resaw fence for it but I need to come up with a table extension that can be easily removed and set up. Shop space is limited (wife refuses to park the car outside and leave...
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    Need some Red Maple??

    Scott, About 10 miles south of Hickory off of I-40.
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    Need some Red Maple??

    I have a Red Maple (I think) tree trunk standing that is free to anyone that wants it. The trunk is 25-30 foot tall and about 20" in diameter about 5 foot up. Top of tree fell during the winter. Bottom branches had leaves but they died a month or so ago. I don't know the condition of the wood...
  9. Maple Tree

    Maple Tree

    Maple Tree Free to who ever wants it
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    Slabbing a Red Maple Burl Log

    Very nice.... Got a large maple trunk (also red I think), pretty knarly looking if any body wants it. Top half fell off this winter. Bottom half (25-30 ft) still standing and small branches on it died in the last few weeks. Don't know what the wood is like. Don't know the condition of it other...
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    Hating the Finishing Part

    Fiinishing part is painful!!! Because; 1. I suck at it. .....working on it.....getting better....just suck a little less. 2. Lack of patience with it because I suck at it. I find it difficult to take the time to get it right. 3. Lack of knowledge (type of finish, best finish for project...
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    The new guy :)

    Welcome Rob from just down the road. Pretty new here myself but seems to be a good place for info and a friendly group.
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    Dumbest tool purchase?

    Dumbest tool purchase was a finger joint jig from WoodCraft. Nothing wrong with the jig but when looking for a place to keep it, I decided a good place to put it would be on the shelf in the far side of the garage. Reached up to put it there.....and there was another one, brand new, still in the...
  14. Turning Project

    Turning Project

    Bowl is nothing special but a pretty piece of wood....
  15. Turning Project

    Turning Project

    Peach Wood Confetti Lamp
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    DIY Wipe-On Poly?

    Thanks for the post Howard. I'm gonna give this a try. Just happens that I finished a bowl tonight that I just turned. The one thing I never seem to get right is the finish. I did learn one thing this afternoon..actually by accident.. and that was I get a much better finish applying with a cloth...
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    I hate plumbing

    Sorry if I spoke too soon.... probably just some garbage in the line. If just the one shower, probably just need to pull the cartridge in the shower valve and clean it and the line out.... did I mention I hate plumbing???? Bill
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    I hate plumbing

    I feel your pain...... One thing I've learned over the years....there's no such thing as a simple plumbing job.:BangHead: If I don't make at least 3 trips to the not so local hardware store, I know I' not done... ...I hate plumbing..... Glad to hear you got it all straightened out.... Bill
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    New member

    Thanks to all. Looking forward to spending some time on this site. Sounds like a great group. :occasion1 Bill
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    New member

    Hi all, Just wanted to say hello. My name is Bill and live in the Newton, NC area. Been doing woodworking for years and woodturning for 3 or 4. I make a lot of sawdust but sometimes I end up with something recognizable. I'm hoping to learn from other members so there's less dust and even more...

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