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  1. Charlie

    Latest Turnings

    Thanks for all the fine comments and likes.
  2. Charlie

    Latest Turnings

    Ed, Thanks for the compliment. Lol.
  3. Charlie

    Latest Turnings

    Bill, I use a steady rest that I made using 1" MDF, maple arms and inline skate wheels. Works very well. The 5th wheel touches the outside of the turning in alignment of where the cutting tool touches the inside of turning. It is amazing how much the wood will flex on a 12-14" dia. when turned...
  4. Charlie

    Check out the latest Member Spotlight - Danmart77

    Great article. Congrats Dan!
  5. Charlie

    Charlies Segmented Turning Video on YouTube

    Lol. I have missed maybe two Tuesdays in the past 10 years.
  6. Charlie

    radial arm saw for sale

    Google Craftsman 113.25901 and you will see it is a 12" saw.
  7. Charlie

    Charlies Segmented Turning Video on YouTube

    Doug, Please let me know when you would like to visit. Anytime except Tuesday mornings works for me.
  8. Charlie

    Aged Oak "basket bowl"

    Very nice. Many, many process steps.
  9. Charlie

    radial arm saw for sale

    Usually on the left side of the base below the table.
  10. Charlie

    Charlies Segmented Turning Video on YouTube

    Credit for the video recording/editing goes to our member Michael Mathews.
  11. Charlie

    Charlies Segmented Turning Video on YouTube

    Thanks for the great comments. I guess I should watch the video sometime. Lol.
  12. Charlie

    Kitchen Island: Completed!

    Beautiful. Great design.
  13. Charlie

    Chainsaw carb - rebuild or replace?

    I have installed the "cheap" ($15) chinese carbs on two lawn mowers, one weed eater, one 4 wheeler and one dirt bike. They have all worked great. I presently have one on the way for another weed eater. A $15 carb is a better deal than a $35 rebuild kit IMO.
  14. Charlie

    Bandsaw dust collection

    I have tried that on my table saw using a jet of compressed air. I did not work.
  15. Charlie

    Woodburning commission

    Beautiful work Preston.
  16. Charlie


    Coleman, So sorry to hear about your father passing.
  17. Charlie

    Lee Valley Bench Dog Bushing

    I built a bench for someone and drilled all the holes on the drill press before gluing the boards together. Much easier to handle a 1 1/2 x 4 x 8' board than a completed bench top.
  18. Charlie

    Bradford Pear

    Gene, Glad to see you are enjoying your retirement. Isn't it nice? Lol.
  19. Charlie

    End grain chamfer tear out

    I would chamfer the feet on my disc sander. No tear out.
  20. Charlie

    Something Different

    Mark, That would require some precise timing. Lol.

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