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  1. Brian Patterson

    Breadboard ends

    I meant across the full length of the arm. Dados are very easy to make on an RAS. I do it all the time.
  2. Brian Patterson

    Eastern White Pine (EWP)

    I find my best lumber at a couple sawyers that have access to some big, older trees - waiting to pick up some sweet large cherry slabs later this year for about half the retail cost.
  3. Brian Patterson

    Breadboard ends

    An RAS is limited by its depth of cut (I have three) and the top‘s end edge needs to be clean and square using an edge guide with a router. Square that up well beforehand it would be the best way to cut the dado for your breadboards. Cut the breadboard mortise first and sneak up on the table top...
  4. Brian Patterson

    Eastern White Pine (EWP)

    Clear EWP is pretty rare, for sure. Picking through the racks at the big boxes is a ritual I seldom enjoy. I’ve got a ton of sawmilled 1” Yellow Pine that is very pretty, tho, and if it never becomes the flooring I bought it to be will keep me supplied with some great furniture lumber for a...
  5. Brian Patterson

    Finally did some woodworking today

    Is it strange or not that we determine if we are living a normal life based on when we finished our last woodworking activity? Even if it is weird, I still like it better than any other measure...and I’ve got to get on to something pretty soon cuz I’m losing it again!!
  6. Brian Patterson

    Quick little project

    While white is my default interior favorite for virtually all trim I own, it is an odd choice for a Craftsman home. My house has a chocolate brown exterior trim that I love As it gives a rustic look to a fairly simple rancher.
  7. Brian Patterson

    Digital angle gage

    I have a Wixey that looks different than Alan’s = just a magnetic base with a yellow display overlay. Works great - no battery issues. Use it true up the TS and RAS Blades whenever they get adjusted, etc. Invaluable tool...
  8. Brian Patterson

    Klingspor's Woodworking Shop of Cary is hiring!

    Sounds like a fun job other than the 'willing to work any day of the week' requirement...
  9. Brian Patterson

    Cutting board

    I mixed up a batch of 2X mineral oil and 1X beeswax (heat gently till the wax melts - transfer to a container) and love the finish it creates - super easy to make and cheap!
  10. Brian Patterson

    Cutting board

    I’ve heard some people can get a reaction from walnut, like any nut allergy. Just sayin’...
  11. Brian Patterson

    Finally got my stuff !

    You better post some pictures so we can feel as good about this as you do...we got plenty of free advice to offer you, ya know! Anyway, congrats on your progress...
  12. Brian Patterson

    Remove Warp or Cup from Flute Blank

    I would agree generally but my Lowe's hand plane does a very good job - got a good one? Still, a nice assortment of planes from vintage stores is a great way to use the various models for these special tasks.
  13. Brian Patterson

    Cutting board

    I agree but a simple resanding will cure any face grain wear and tear. Love end grain but love face grain design opps too. Walnut may give an allergic reaction and is considered a toxic wood ingested by humans, especially the sawdust.
  14. Brian Patterson

    DeWalt Planer DW735 - $350 (Whittier)

    If in Like New condition that’s a deal....
  15. Brian Patterson

    Woodworker/Timber Tools (Raleigh)

    Awesome tools - don‘t know too many people with the needed muscles to work with them! Wonder how old they are?
  16. Brian Patterson

    Just Plane Fun

    Thanks - I’ve seen that the brand doesn’t always appear on the tool? It’s a very nice little plane that cuts well. Good irons on all these finds...
  17. Brian Patterson

    Just Plane Fun

    Picked these little guys up at a vintage store I frequent and they will be welcome additions to the current collection. The bead moulding plane is a Tucker of London ($12) and the tiny Hobbies brand hand plane ($2) are from England. The block plane is a ‘110’ ($10), which I know nothing about...
  18. Brian Patterson

    Lost A Screw, Buy A Blade

    Nothing on eBay?
  19. Brian Patterson

    Hand Cut Joinery Practice Projects

    And you say there’s an issue with confidence?! I wish that was my problem! Very pretty results...
  20. Brian Patterson

    A Couple Dutchmen

    Don’t forget the Wood filler if needed - paint shows everything! You’re a brave soul...

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