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  1. dancam


    Welcome to the forum. Based upon your pics, you'll be a contributor from the get-go.
  2. dancam

    Woodburning commission

    Beautiful execution of wood burning. It looks like an excellent pen and ink drawing. Not sure how to price.
  3. dancam

    Replacement windows

    I'm in the process of converting a screened porch to a fully winterized year-round room. It's a timber-framed structure that had four bays of screening. We wanted to have picture windows facing the mountains (south) and sliders on the side with an exterior door replacing the storm door. We...
  4. dancam

    Sharing some projects

    Love the Celtic knot box....great work.
  5. dancam

    Hollow chisel morticing bits

    + 1 for Fisch
  6. dancam

    Little Box

    My wife belongs to a small Mah Jongg Club and she asked me to make a small box for their upcoming meeting. They do a gift swap twice a year and she wanted something that was Mah Jong themed. I had some scraps of curly zebra wood and some purple heart. It's approximately 5" square and is lined...
  7. dancam

    Am I the only one who does this ?

    +1 Remove as soon as it gets to the shop.
  8. dancam

    It's 2 pieces

    Odie'S Oil: Odie's Dark Finish 9 ounce - Extraordinary Finish and Stabilizer - Food Safe - -
  9. dancam

    Rockler Box Joint Jig

    For Sale, Rockler Box Joint Jig. Used once and no longer need it. Asking $35.00 pick up or PE. Will ship for add'l $10.00. See Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig for more detail. Dan C.
  10. dancam

    Baby Cradle

    Thanks Matt
  11. dancam

    Baby Cradle

    Absolutely the design and the execution looks exceptional. One question...what finish did you use?
  12. dancam

    Drum sanders, Jet, performax et al....

    It’s possible that the sanding drum may be out of parallel across the length of the table.
  13. dancam

    Chester County spice box

  14. dancam

    Finally--Shop Time

    Hey Everyone, Thanks for the many kind words. The woe situation could've been much worse. The fall and subsequent operations were successful. We're in great shape. The cruise wasn't insured but the cruise company still reimbursed us for approximately good deal. The really bad aspect of...
  15. dancam

    Finally--Shop Time

    It's been a long 5 months since I've been in the shop to actually make something. Last Oct my wife took a bad backward fall off a step stool and suffered a compound fracture of her calcaneus (heel bone) and also dislocated her ankle. It was the night before we were to leave on a cruise. Fast...
  16. dancam

    Wincester Plane Replacement Blades

    Here's a youtube video by Rob Cosman on retrofitting a bench plane for a new thicker blade.
  17. dancam


    Not mine...
  18. dancam

    Site Instability

    Thanks for all your efforts.
  19. dancam

    Jet lathe

  20. dancam

    Lie-Nielsen Planes FOR SALE

    I have two LN planes for sale. 1. Lie-Nielsen No. 10-1/4 Bench Rabbet Plane. In excellent condition with its original packing box. The lever cap is engraved with "TFG" (Timber Framers Guild). Asking $300.00 2. Lie-Nielsen Small Chisel Plane. In very good gently used condition. Asking $90.00...

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