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    We're moving the raffle up!!

    how many tickets have been purchased so far?
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    SOLD - 5 Woodworkers Guild of America Router DVDs for sale $40 now only $30!

    $40 Now only $30 includes SBFR USPS shipping For Sale - 5 Woodworkers Guild of America DVDs 1. 8 Jigs for Hand Held Routers 2. Hand Held Router Techniques 3. Advanced Hand Held Router Techniques 4. Router Table Essentials 5. Router Table Joinery More Details on the contents can be found...
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    Grizzly table saw in high point nc $600

    Not mine. Looks like it has out feed tables.
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    Black Walnut & Curly Maple Hall Table

    I'm on it! See you this weekend. :D
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    New from Asheboro

    waiting is always the hardest part
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    New from Asheboro

    well it looks like I am still tagged as a new user and can't post on the for sale thread. :-(
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    New from Asheboro

    Thanks all. Maybe we'll meet in person someday Joe!
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    New from Asheboro

    i am enjoying my time here. You guys are awesome
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    New from Asheboro

    just getting started and looking forward to seeing everything you guys make and learning lots of things
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    When can I list in the for sale forum?

    The site does not allow a new member to list in the for sale forum. When will I be able to do that?
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    Latest Turnings

    any for sale?
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    Latest Turnings

    your work is beautiful
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    Well, this kindof just happened....

    when can we come over and use it (Opps I mean see it)
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    A Farm Table Build

    what finish did you use?
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    Padauk and Curly Maple

    woodcraft has some paduk on sale in their flier this month...
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    Festool domino joiners

    If you live next to me, I think you should so I can borrow it! :) Watched a video on it and it looks nice.

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