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  1. Jeremy Scuteri

    Mini-split installation

    I looked into a mini-split a while back, the cost of installation was outrageous, thousands of dollars. I would strongly consider DIY if you at all feel comfortable with it. As has already been stated, professional install is not a guarantee that it will be done perfectly and without issues.
  2. Jeremy Scuteri

    Latest Turnings

    Looks great Charlie!
  3. Jeremy Scuteri

    Check out the latest Member Spotlight - Danmart77

    Nice write up. I always enjoy listening to Dan speak at his workshops.
  4. Jeremy Scuteri

    2020 Raffle Sales Plot - Raffle Ends in 7 Days

    Hi Everyone. We have the virtual raffle in 7 days: Virtual Raffle Drawing Don't miss out on this years great raffle prizes: Buy your tickets here...
  5. Jeremy Scuteri

    Kitchen Island: Completed!

    Looks great. What did you use to tint the water based poly white?
  6. Jeremy Scuteri

    Armoire For My Sister

    Very nice! I am sure it will be cherished.
  7. Jeremy Scuteri

    Pizza Peel

    Do you put anything on it or leave it as raw wood? Looks great.
  8. Jeremy Scuteri

    Bandsaw dust collection

    It looks like you have a nice setup there Allan. I'd love to see pics of the rest of your shop!
  9. Jeremy Scuteri

    Woodburning commission

    Nice looking piece! It took my wife a while to realize it was an image burned on wood. She was amazed. The same postcard image can be found here as well. Who knows "which way is up" for sure, but it looks like the artist selling the artwork is the one who flipped an image, recreated it and...
  10. Jeremy Scuteri

    Penn State Oneida cyclone dust system 2.5 hp $400 (Columbia)

    Thanks for sharing all the good Craigslist finds Martin.
  11. Jeremy Scuteri

    Delta Table saw - $300 (Portsmouth)

    Looks like there might be a phase converter bolted to the back of it, so maybe a 3 phase motor that is already setup for single phase power? Definitely looks like a good deal.
  12. Jeremy Scuteri

    FS: 30" jointer

    My wife might make me live in the basement permanently if I brought that thing home. :D
  13. Jeremy Scuteri

    FS: 30" jointer

    Are these the pics? I remember that thing being a beast.
  14. Jeremy Scuteri

    Bradford Pear

    Nice work!
  15. Jeremy Scuteri

    Table Saw Miter Cuts are concave

    Good job getting it diagnosed and sorted out! I think we have all been there before: Time to make cut = 10 seconds Time to figure out why the cut isn't as good as we think it should be = 2 hours :D
  16. Jeremy Scuteri

    Table Saw Miter Cuts are concave

    I don't know Bradley, an error of 0.004" in the flatness of the cast iron top sounds darn good to me. 1. Assume a right tilt blade (left tilt would have the same issue and move the cut line the opposite direction) 2. If the board moves DOWN by 0.004", then the cut line will move LEFT further...
  17. Jeremy Scuteri

    2020 Raffle Sales Plot

    I'll let @bowman handle that question. He knows the specifics much better than me.
  18. Jeremy Scuteri

    2020 Raffle Sales Plot

    It's been a while since I bought some raffle tickets. I forgot how great the prizes are this year (Thanks @bowman) I just bought a few tickets. Prize List: Purchase Tickets...
  19. Jeremy Scuteri

    Table Saw Miter Cuts are concave

    This is very interesting, I have not experienced this myself. The first thing that pops into my brain is that cove cuts can be made on a tablesaw. This sounds like the "concave" cut you are seeing. I can't see a curve from the attached picture, it looks like a an 1/8" gap on the left that...

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