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    Sliding hinge ??

    I would be happy to take pics just don't know ho to upload to the site.
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    Sliding hinge ??

    I wasn't clear when I said I would use the extension slide. After seeing the suggestions here I am going to attach the door to the existing rev a shelf so that the can will come out when I pull the door. Need to get rid of existing hinges and put on a drawer pull. One nice benefit of this...
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    Sliding hinge ??

    Thanks for all the replies. I think I am going to use the extension slide. Answers my problem and requires the least modification. I really like the dovetailed drawer!
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    Sliding hinge ??

    Its in my head I just can't describe it . Just a rod to pull out the can and then push it back in.
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    Sliding hinge ??

    I have a pull out trash can under my island. You have to open the door and then pull out the can which is on a REV a shelf pull out. I want some type of mechanism that will pull out the can when i open the door and push it back when the door is closed. I have a vague idea but some of you...
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    Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector Recommendations?

    After thirty years with my basement shop I decided a fire detector would be a good idea. Like all of you I have seen more than one shop go up in smoke. My plan (still unfolding ) was to install hardwired detectors which I did in three places on the ceiling. I was then going to turn on an...
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    Adirondack Chairs

    Look great . A question. Does the footstool interfere when you get up? Is it comfortable? As the river flows and my youth goes it is harder everyday to arise from a seat.
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    Repeat with better photos

    This one of those cases where you can be fooled. It looks like mahogany in places but given the knots and broad grain I will say walnut.
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    Jet sander spindle

    Thanks for the replys. I actually did try to freeze the spindle . I finally just cut off the paper yesterday and found the spindle had rusted beneath paper. This of couse caused the spindle to increase in size enough that the paper would never slide off. LESSON learned obviously the spindle...
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    Jet sander spindle

    I have a Jet floor model sander. Mod 700 I think. Any one ever sucsessfully removed the paper from a one inch spindle once it has been used. Mine is solidly stuck to the spindle and will not budge. I 'm about to cut it off but that means the end of that paper. Thanks
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    HVLP Recommendations

    My two cents. I just sprayed 9 sets of plantation shutters from primer to finish with a $14.00 HVLP gun from HF. They came out beautifully. This requires a good compressor but the secret is the paint. A friend put me on it and I'm passing it on. Will never use straight latex again except with a...
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    WTB - Tormek and/or accessories

    Not mine but I see a Tormek on CL in Lexington SC for 250.00.
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    Dovetail router jigs.

    I don't make a lot of dovetailed drawers anymore . I have both the incra super fence on my router table and the Leigh D4 jig. They are both a little fussy to set up but once you get it you can make great dovetails with either. If I had to choose I would go with the Leigh for the capability of...
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    Odd Saw Blade Modification

    A long time ago I had an Oldham carbide blade that looked like that. It made so much noise I sold it for an air raid siren. Just teasing. But I really hated that blade.
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    Adding an outlet in a concrete floor.

    I did something similar when I remodeled my den. All advice above is good. I had a skilsaw and fibre blades it was the biggest mess you've ever seen. You will need to cover everything and have some mighty good respirators. I ran underground wire into a duplex receptacle in a weather tight box...
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    New Member from Boone

    Got some cousins in Boone but not woodworkers. Welcome. Strom in Columbia sc
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    Chrome plating

    I LOVE this site. Thanks for some super suggestions. Guitar has no real value as a collector piece. Just doing for a friend. I will check with Stewmac. I have derusted enough old tools to know I don’t like the process.
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    Chrome plating

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    Chrome plating

    I have an old Silvertone guitar I am restroring. The part that holds the strings was originally chromed and is now totally rusted. Does anyone know a shop that will mess with small plating jobs.Have tried several in SC to no avail. Thanks .
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    Leather for vice jaws

    Live and learn. Had never heard of crubber Thanks Pop Pop.

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