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    Random Discovery at Home Depot Hawaii

    I remember seeing a pretty good selection at HD in Knightdale last time I was there, but that's been awhile. Not as good a selection in Wake Forest. They call them "Project Panels" - just look up plywood project panels on the site and you'll see a selection. Red oak. maple, walnut, aromatic...
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    Local hardwood

    Any suggestions for farther east? So far all of these seem to be west of Raleigh, some a good bit. Worth the trip if necessary, just looking for other options.
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    Help, what’s this do/for?

    Definitely looks massage-table like to me, although the opening for the face seems a little small. The drop pieces would be for arms when face-down.
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    Progress on Workbench

    That looks too nice to actually do work on! Now back to my dismal 2x4 and mdf workbench. Nice work
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    SawStop Questions

    Sorry, I'm a little confused still. redknife says "one-time unless you trigger a stop", but KenOfCary mentions "switching from the 10" brake and 8" Dado brake", which would seem to indicate you need to switch back when you go back to the 10" brake?
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    Fence Alignment

    I'm still not seeing how this doesn't result in a slightly tapered cut?
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    Replacement windows

    I've recently replaced some windows myself, due to the previous ones being badly installed (no flashing and uncovered OSB on the exterior!) - my only bit of input from that: make sure you flash it right!
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    SawStop Questions

    If you don't mind me adding another question: I just read elsewhere that SawStop can be a bit of a pain when it comes to dados - something about changing the cartridge? Could someone who knows elaborate a little more on that?
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    What is your indispensable hand tool?

    D Didn't know about those, I think I'm going to have to get one!
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    What is your indispensable hand tool?

    Glad to know I'm not the only one!
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    Another price question

    One question I have: How do you determine if/when you are at a place to charge for your work? I think I have a long way to go before I'm any significant skill level, but I sometimes have people asking me to build things for them.
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    Woodworking with Parallam

    Building, yes, but never thought about doing woodworking with it. Might have to rethink that!
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    Sharpening a File With Vinegar - Cuts Like A New Black Diamond!

    Thank you. I can see how that makes sense.
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    extendable legs for student desk?

    The threaded insert seems like the most elegant solution, but what you describe sounds quite workable and simple.
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    Disposable Gloves

    For me, they were impossible to find for awhile, but lately I can find smaller packs (like 10-packs) at Ace or Dollar General pretty regularly.
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    Sharpening a File With Vinegar - Cuts Like A New Black Diamond!

    I haven't tried it on my files yet, but I just did a vinegar soak on some old hardware for a table I'm restoring and it worked wonders at cleaning things up.
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    Not much in the General Woodworking section

    Just hopped over there: looks like it's meeting minutes and instructions & plans. If this is to be instructions I can see that making sense, but just a "follow my build" doesn't seem to belong there. Just my opinion. Others will differ. EDIT: Ok I guess there's some builds there as I'm...
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    Not much in the General Woodworking section

    That would be confusing to me - I wouldn't look in "Resources" to follow a project, I would look there for instructions or information about tools, etc.
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    Ridgid warrantee made useless

    Curious how many HD's you've encountered this problem with. Corporate, websites & call centers are a very different issue, and many are having problems due to unusual volume recently. Are you seeing this at multiple stores? Basically - is it really a systemic issue with HD or is it just bad...

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