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  1. danmart77

    Rigid oscillating sander belts for the surface sander

    Hey folks I just bought an oscillating sander made by Rigid. I get it home and guess what? Only one belt for the surface sander. I am building a boat and I need to have several different grades of belts to fit the surface sander not the cylinders. Well I go back to the store here in Durham and...
  2. danmart77

    How to add photos to the Resource Section for viewing

    I have photos in my albums here in the Gallery. I want to put a few in the Resource section I am starting on building a small boat. I can not remember how I did it with my table build. Any guidance?
  3. danmart77

    More CNC work in Raleigh Durham area

    I am about to begin a boat build in the near future and I need some CNC help. What I want to do is plug in my image of the ribs to the boat below(its in pdf format on a disc). I would like to use the CNC to cut out the shapes of the ribs so I can lay them down on a laminated stack of spruce and...
  4. danmart77

    Not much in the General Woodworking section

    Well I have been gone from the site for some time now and I had the urge to see what people are building. Short answer seems to be not much as far as I can tell. I would have thought the current virus cautions would have lead to more projects being built? So I drop back and think is it the...
  5. danmart77

    A new subject here

    Funny thing happened a couple weeks ago. A neighbor and his wife came by to see how we took a wall out in the kitchen and dining room part of the house. When they were getting ready to leave the woman asked me where we bought the table. When I told her I just put it together she asked if I do it...
  6. danmart77

    Yankee Ingenuity tooling

    Yankee ingenuity is a stereotype of inventiveness, technical solutions to practical problems, "know-how," self-reliance and individual enterprise associated with the Yankees I am a member of this site in Maine and...
  7. danmart77

    Thoughts from an older boatbuilder video As I begin to get closer to 70 than 65 this message does touch a nerve. Take a look at this group. Even if you are not a boat enthusiast, this first short video is full of interesting tools and methods of working wood. I love...
  8. danmart77

    White Oak crotch chunks with crotch figure

    I just cut open the fork in a white oak tree and found this interesting oak crotch. Send me a conversation or pm if you are interested in getting one or all. Durham NC Dan
  9. danmart77

    Table done with modifications Well if you go back to September you will see the hole I fell into while building the top for this table. My first thoughts were an all walnut table. Not to be. Had some issues with the stock and I...
  10. danmart77

    Lowes and Jorgensen Clamps

    This is the 2nd time I have tried to get Lowes to make good on their claims. No luck in Durham or Raleigh. If you live in Roxboro or close by, you can pick up the 6 pack of 6" clamps from Jorgensen. They are very nice clamps indeed. They have lowered the price to 21,98 fro a pack of 6...
  11. danmart77

    Need some wide walnut boards

    I can not find Scott Smith's address here so if there is someone who knows it please send it along. Any other sources for wide walnut 4/4 or 5/4 approx 8' in length Thank you
  12. danmart77

    Member Search: Some odd data

    In an effort to find the albums of another member here I opened the members information page to find some .. data and wondered what is this about? Looking at the list of names I found: The Highest Reaction Score Most Messages Most Points - lots of people with 63 that's funny Most Albums ? I...
  13. danmart77

    Sometimes wood just doesn't cooperate.. Above is the start of a post of a table build. Its been a while since I posted some work I have been doing but I finally had some time to step back and do something with a table. The table is a trestle style but...
  14. danmart77

    Dining Room Table Build

    Well I'm back from Maine and New Hampshire and its time to burn off some of the lobster and butter pounds. I mentioned before I went away that I had to build a new table for the kitchen we recently upgraded. A little history to make a point. The round table made of oak has been the corner stone...
  15. danmart77

    Fine Woodworking Magazine Search #262

    I am looking to build a table in the near future. Soon. I saw an article by Marcus Soto in 262 / 2017 Is there anyone in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area that has a copy they would be willing to let me borrow? If so PM or conversation or just post here. Thank you in advance
  16. danmart77

    Walnut and other wood in Durham

    Here is some wood I picked up today from Ricky Pope. He lives about 20 minutes away from my shop and its just great to have such a resource nearby. I read comments about the Hardwood Store and I don't want to step on any toes here but I culled their walnut 8/4 stuff and I didn't find one piece...
  17. danmart77

    Not sure why I am now seeing this format?

    Neal when I open a reply or a comment by others I see this for all the replies. Is this normal? Dust Collector Venting Outside Flute Maker Today at 6:37 AM "How To" Forum Replies2Views10 23 minutes ago bowman
  18. danmart77

    A little assist with changing my Avatar

    I accidentally changed my Avatar while viewing a folder in the Gallery. Its not that I miss the old avatar, but I think it might be time to make a change. So.. How do you take a photo from the albums here in the Gallery(albums) and use an existing photo to update the Avatar? How do you take a...
  19. danmart77

    Paul Hamler toolmaker

    Here's a guy I've seen around the longrifle world who happens to be a great tool reproducer. Take a look around the name Paul Hamler for more videos and ideas.
  20. danmart77

    How to open or see information in the Resources section?

    When I open any of the posts under Resources (Eclipse Honing Guide Calculator 2019-04-16 ) I see nothing in the post. The same on all other resources but the one Mike Davis started for me - building a table. How do I view the resources posts? Thank you

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