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  1. PeteM

    Crosscut sled (finally)

    I don't lean left or right so I centered the blade. Should we start a poll? :)
  2. PeteM

    Woodburning commission

    I don't think you can price artwork using time & materials as a guide. Well, you can but I don't think it's a good idea. For example, I purchased a nice 30"x30" woodburning of an old barn for $35.00. Conversely, I did a small carving of the Jaguar "Growler" Logo, posted it on a Jag forum and...
  3. PeteM

    Diamond plates for Worksharp

    I like that idea. Where did you get them?
  4. PeteM

    Dewalt 18 Volt Batteries

    I bought these about 4 months ago. A little heavier than the Dewalt but work fine.
  5. PeteM

    Replacement windows

    That depends. Are you looking to replace Windows 10 or just upgrade from an older version? (Sorry, I've been working on my computer and am feeling a little silly!) :rolleyes:
  6. PeteM

    Finish Question

    My philosophy is "Don't make things any harder than they need to be". You have an easy answer there. Your wife would be happy. Go with it and leave the GF Poly for another day. I like to try new stuff too, but I do it first on a not so important project or simple test pieces. Just my opinion.
  7. PeteM

    Rikon Band Saw 18" 10-345 - $950 (Charlotte)

    Discounted? Probably. This is from Lumberjocks Rikon 10-345 18 Inch Bandsaw Pulled the trigger and got the Rkon instead of the Jet 01-23-2013 12:32 AM by CANDL | 16 comments » Well I came to you folks for advice between the Rikon and Jet 18” bandsaw. The overwhelming consensus was Rikon, and...
  8. PeteM

    Rikon Band Saw 18" 10-345 - $950 (Charlotte)

    I have the same saw. Pretty good overall if you need a big saw. But, adjusting the guides is a real PITA. The price is a bit high. They were $999 when new.
  9. PeteM

    Finishing poplar with dye and gel stain

    You might get a lot of opinions but the only way to know for sure is to make a few sample boards and try different methods and see what happens.
  10. PeteM

    Epoxy small table top finish

    One or the other - not both.
  11. PeteM

    Forstner labels

    I use these. Very easy to see. And in color!
  12. PeteM

    Shop Build

    I'm betting the answer is a big YES! No idea what it might be but if you're anything like me there's always "something"! ;)
  13. PeteM

    Some other projects

    The wood came from some sections of fence that was falling down. I just cleaned the crud off, ran it through the planer and added a little paint. Not fine woodworking. No real joinery. Just glued and screwed.
  14. PeteM

    Some other projects

    Had to knock out some projects for my wife's so I could get back to work on my Cats!
  15. PeteM

    Some other projects

    I recently posted my hat hook project but just so you don't think that's the only thing I've done this year here are a few other things I've cobbled together.
  16. PeteM

    Latest project!

    I haven't posted a project in quite some time so here's my latest. Design and specifications by LOML. Material: Sweetgum sourced from our backyard. Tools used: Dewalt Sawzall, Stanley #5 hand plane (to flatten back) Irwin double edge saw (for finishing cuts) Drill with countersink. Finish...
  17. PeteM

    Lost Art Press "The Anarchist's Workbench"

    Anything from Lost Art Press is always a good read. Reading the inside story of his $175 workbench was interesting to me. That was my first workbench build. Still using it as my main carving bench.
  18. PeteM

    Bar counter top finish

    Epoxy - lots of options.
  19. PeteM

    Free Turning Tools

    I could use these! I'm also in Pittsboro and can come get them any time. Give me a call or text.

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