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  1. beloitdavisja

    Powermatic 2244 Drum Sander -$1500 & Supermax 25-50 - $1000 (Four Oaks)

    Not mine. Seems like a great deal for a powermatic. Description says he has a Supermax 25-50 for sale as well for $1000.
  2. beloitdavisja

    Miter Saw Cart

    As part of my never-ending quest to maximize my limited shop space, I built a miter saw cart with fold-out wings and storage. I had a Bora miter saw stand that I hardly used, and its footprint was way too large that I mostly kept it folded up in the corner of the shop. The miter saw I took off...
  3. beloitdavisja

    Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander $500 Greer SC

    Not mine. Seen a lot of these go for a lot more than 500.
  4. beloitdavisja

    Free - Steel Cart with Vise - SOLD

    Built a new miter saw cart and need to get this out of the shop! Steel cart with 6" vise. Top is 3/8 thick steel, metal casters (non-locking, probably 4"), cabinet for storage. It's not pretty, but it's sturdy. Located in Charlotte Will be posting on FB this weekend if no one wants it.
  5. beloitdavisja

    Dizzy Bowl

    I decided the best way to put my new bandsaw through its paces was to do a bunch of resawing, and doing a Dizzy Bowl was perfect for the practice. The Dizzy Bowl is a take on the "bowl from a board" concept - Just basically thin strips laminated together, then resawn to make boards, rings cut...
  6. beloitdavisja

    New bandsaw - hurry up and wait.

    I've been waiting on a Rikon sale to come around, and Woodcraft has a 15% off sale. I finally pulled the trigger last week on the Rikon 10-326 14" bandsaw. They didn't have any in stock at the store other than the floor model, so I opted to wait and have it shipped to the store. Unfortunately...
  7. beloitdavisja

    New to me 50W CO2 Laser

    A friend of mine upgraded to an Epilog laser, and was looking to get rid of her old laser, so I bought it at a pretty good bargain price. This thing is HUUGE. It's a 50W C02 laser, 20x12 working area bed. The whole unit is roughly 24" deep x 40" length x 24" height She had been using this to...
  8. beloitdavisja

    Woodcraft Bora Parallel Clamps - $35

    Just got an email from Woodcraft saying Bora Parallel clamps (24" & 31") are 30% off...
  9. beloitdavisja

    Carding Drum finished!

    I finished up the Drum Carder for my wife! She's excited to start using it. I cut the discs for the drums on my table saw, and turned the pulleys on my lathe. I did mount the drums on the lathe after gluing up for a light sanding. I ended up making 14 discs each of 2" and 7" diameters. Frame...
  10. beloitdavisja

    Campbell Hausfeld HV2500 HVLP ReStore score

    Swung by the Pineville Habitat ReStore and saw they had a Campbell Hausfeld HV2500 HVLP for $20. It did not come with a hose or gun, just the motor. Plugged it in and it ran fine, so I figured why not, and bought it. Searching online it doesn't appear that it is made any more, but an out of...
  11. beloitdavisja

    Fiber Carding Drum Design

    I know there's a few on here with some experience in the fiber arts so I wanted to ask for some advice or pointers. My wife has asked me to build her a Carding Drum to process raw wool. She sent me this video, and I bought the plans off etsy for it: So my main questions for those of you who...
  12. beloitdavisja

    Space Saving Tool Flip Cart

    This has been on my project list for a long time. My shop space is somewhat small, so any space savings is valuable. I watched this YouTube video from Fisher's Shop on how he designed and built his Flip Cart and I immediately bought the plans for it from him - only $5. What I loved is that it...
  13. beloitdavisja

    Bessey 24" K Body Revo $35 at HD

    Noticed that HD carries the 24" K Body Revo Parallel clamps for $35/each [link], which is at least $5 cheaper than anywhere else I've seen. Looks like not many stores have them in stock, but you can do a ship-to-store, or free shipping on orders over $45. Doesn't look like this is a sale price...
  14. beloitdavisja

    Padauk Box

    One of my pen customers asked me to make a box for his upcoming 5th anniversary, wood being the "traditional" gift for year 5. I came up with a padauk box with ebony splines (5 on each edge). I put some inlay banding (sourced from fellow NCWWer Matt Furjanic) on the top, along with some...
  15. beloitdavisja

    New Lathe Tool Sharpening Setup

    Took the plunge and bought a whole new sharpening setup. 1/2 HP Rikon Slow Speed Grinder with 180 grit & 600 grit CBN wheels from Woodturners Wonders OneWay Wolverine jig with VariGrind. I'm totally impressed and thrilled with the CBN wheels. 180 for shaping and 600 for sharpening & touch...
  16. beloitdavisja

    Vendor Fair Setup Advice?

    I signed up for my first booth to sell my turned items. It's a small vendor fair put on by a HOA down the road from me. Any general advice for those who sell their wares? So far I've: - Signed up for Square to accept cards - Bought a portable table and had a banner made - Started ramping up...
  17. beloitdavisja

    Site Issues

    Saw that the site was experiencing issues yesterday, and I see that the database had to be restored since I had a post and a few pictures in my gallery that are no longer there. I was going to re-upload and re-post, but the gallery is not accessible either. Do we know what happened? Not...
  18. beloitdavisja

    Charlotte CL - $500 Jet 16-32 Drum Sander

    Not mine, etc. Seems like a good deal. Jet 16-32 Plus Drum Sander - $500 (Gastonia) hide this postingimage 1 of 2 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) make / manufacturer: Jet model name / number...
  19. beloitdavisja

    Advantage Lumber - Rough lumber bundles blowout

    Just got an email from Advantage Lumber (in Grover, NC) that they're trying to clear out all their rough lumber at the NC location. Link below to the site to buy bundles of lumber (must buy entire bundle for price). Doesn't mention any lengths, but there's a variety of species and bundle sizes...
  20. beloitdavisja

    Charlotte CL - $300 drum sander and more in Cherryville

    Not mine. Sounds like some good deals if in good working order. Woodworking tools - $2200 (Cherryville) hide this postingimage 4 of 13 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map)...

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