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  1. beloitdavisja

    CBN Wheel Grits

    I have the 180 & 600 also. I mainly use the 600. The 180 is usually for reshaping or if I let something get really really dull, which doesn't tend to happen since I touch up on the 600 frequently. With the CBN and a jig, sharpening a tool is so quick that it's nothing to touch up a tool's edge...
  2. beloitdavisja

    Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander - $500 (Raleigh)

    Lots of deals on drum sanders lately. If I had not just bought one, I would've jumped at this price.
  3. beloitdavisja

    What chisels/gouges should i acquire?

    You can get by without a chuck, but it is very nice to have. I have 3 Nova chucks: 1 SuperNova2, and 2 G3’s. The G3 is a great option for the size lathe you have. There’a 2 versions: one is a reversible, but is a direct thread, so if you get a larger lathe, it probably won’t fit without an...
  4. beloitdavisja

    Powermatic 2244 Drum Sander -$1500 & Supermax 25-50 - $1000 (Four Oaks)

    Well, the Supermax was too good of a deal to pass up so I grabbed it up. [emoji1787] Convinced my wife it was her early anniversary present to me. Dustin and his friend was very helpful loading it into my van. That thing is a big machine.
  5. beloitdavisja

    Powermatic 2244 Drum Sander -$1500 & Supermax 25-50 - $1000 (Four Oaks)

    Ah - I found it. it's listed in the "Found for Sale/Hot Deals" with the title "Woodworking shop for sale". Perhaps it should be moved to the "For Sale / Wanted" forum, since Dustin is the seller.
  6. beloitdavisja

    Powermatic 2244 Drum Sander -$1500 & Supermax 25-50 - $1000 (Four Oaks)

    Not mine. Seems like a great deal for a powermatic. Description says he has a Supermax 25-50 for sale as well for $1000.
  7. beloitdavisja

    What chisels/gouges should i acquire?

    I stand corrected. It is a skew. Just never saw one like it before. Here’s a picture of my sharpening setup.
  8. beloitdavisja

    What chisels/gouges should i acquire?

    I don't believe that's a skew. Looks more like a point tool, which is a sort of specialty tool. Skews are not made from round bar stock. Might have a better idea if you had a close up of that tool. The parting tool is measured by the cutting portion, so it's a 1/8". You won't want to use flat...
  9. beloitdavisja

    What chisels/gouges should i acquire?

    You have a great starter set - all of those are the corner stone of traditional tools. If you want to do some small bowl work, I'd pick up a 3/8" bowl gouge. That should round out your collection nicely. For what I do (mostly pens, and bowls), my most used tools are: 1/2" skew 1" skew 3/8...
  10. beloitdavisja

    Making perfect miters for your inlay bandings.

    Thanks Matt. Having seen your demo in person a few years ago at a Charlotte NCWW meetup, it was invaluable when I attempted it myself on a box lid, especially with an inlay that has a pattern that needed to be matched up on the miters:
  11. beloitdavisja

    Beautiful black walnut lumber

    That looks great. I keep seeing their stuff on Facebook and I need to get up there. What was the bdft price?
  12. beloitdavisja

    Clearing out the scrap pile

    Looks great mike. I especially like the bookmatching on the serving tray.
  13. beloitdavisja

    Miter Saw Cart

    @Bas That's a good way to solve that problem too, if your wings are higher than the saw bed. Easier to shim the saw up than raise the side supports if your supports are already built. I'm loving the 5" casters. I put 3 inchers on my flip cart, and now I wish I had put at least 4" ones on it.
  14. beloitdavisja

    Folding shelf brackets

    It looks like an interesting solution. My concerns would be any sagging over time, and that the hinges would set at exactly 90 degrees. Anything out of tolerance will be evident over the length of the wing. Not as important if the shelf is the same length as the bracket like in the picture. The...
  15. beloitdavisja

    Need input on problem with wood allergies

    Thankfully the only reaction I've had is Silky Oak (Australian wood that looks similar to lacewood but not related). It was a bowl i was turning, and I was wearing my respirator. Wasn't sure at first what it was, had to go to the doctor. Got an Rx for steroids and that helped calm it down. Only...
  16. beloitdavisja

    Miter Saw Cart

    Luckily I thought about it before I cut the sides of the wings. When it came time to assemble the wings on the cart, i installed the bottom of the wing on the hinge, then put the saw on and measured it. Ended up perfect.
  17. beloitdavisja

    Miter Saw Cart

    As part of my never-ending quest to maximize my limited shop space, I built a miter saw cart with fold-out wings and storage. I had a Bora miter saw stand that I hardly used, and its footprint was way too large that I mostly kept it folded up in the corner of the shop. The miter saw I took off...
  18. beloitdavisja

    Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander $500 Greer SC

    Not mine. Seen a lot of these go for a lot more than 500.
  19. beloitdavisja

    Lumber Stores

    We should remove Kyle from the lumber list as he's been retired a few years now.
  20. beloitdavisja

    Free - Steel Cart with Vise - SOLD

    Built a new miter saw cart and need to get this out of the shop! Steel cart with 6" vise. Top is 3/8 thick steel, metal casters (non-locking, probably 4"), cabinet for storage. It's not pretty, but it's sturdy. Located in Charlotte Will be posting on FB this weekend if no one wants it.

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