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  1. creasman

    Holly Tree Stock (Raleigh)

    I recommend anyone local interested in milling some holly to take Alex up on his offer. It's from several large ornamental holly's (not American Holly). I milled one 30" section of the trunk into a couple of 1" boards about 4"-5" wide. The wood is smooth grained and very light -- not a lot of...
  2. creasman

    Help finding a interior passage door raised panel bit

    I still have this set of raised panel bits for sale if they would work for what you want. May not have the panel profile you're looking for, though. They have a 1/2" shank and are really intended for use with a router table...
  3. creasman

    Hand planes - $20-$50 (Lynchburg, VA)

    Wow! Good thing I don't live closer. Those look like some nice planes and the prices are pretty good as well -- especially considering they are ready to use.
  4. creasman

    Holly Tree Stock (Raleigh)

    I've heard/read it is best to cut the trees in the winter when the sap is down. This increases the chance of getting white wood. I use holly for inlay/stringing and would be interested in a 3'-4' section. I live in Apex (south Cary) and could help take them down if you'd like some help. PM...
  5. creasman

    Check out the latest Member Spotlight - Danmart77

    Great article! Having seen Dan's work up close he is an amazing craftsman in a number of areas. What I appreciate most, though, is his willingness to help. He is a teacher at heart. Congrats!
  6. creasman

    Another fine mess I’ve gotten into

    Nice work! I really like the wide crown molding around the top. That isn't easy to get a good fit.
  7. creasman

    Stringing gauge for inlay work as bench accessory

    Watching a video of Steve Latta using his homemade gauge to size stringing for inlay inspired me to make my own version with a couple of twists. It combines some metal work and wood work. Here's a picture of all the parts with descriptions below. Frog adjusting screw from Stanley #5. 1/2" x...
  8. creasman

    Free-Table Saw (Hendersonville)

    Now there's a project ...
  9. creasman

    Progress on Workbench

    That's a nice bench. You will enjoy using it.
  10. creasman

    Delta Band Saw 14" - $150 (Candler)

    It's the same model I currently have. I purchased a new one several years ago and added an 8" riser to give it extra capacity. It's a good bandsaw for the price.
  11. creasman

    Help, what’s this do/for?

    +1 for the massage table. A little upholstery and you're good to go.
  12. creasman

    Hand Cut Joinery Practice Projects

    Nice work! Great way to build skills and have something useful when you're done.
  13. creasman

    Never know what's inside

    One of the fascinating aspects of wood is the secrets it hides. As woodworkers we get to expose these in creative ways. For example, I sliced up some walnut into veneer this afternoon and found a squid swimming between a couple of sheets. :cool:
  14. creasman

    Wood identification please

    Do you recall where you got the wood? Is it a native species, or something imported? Any extra information might help identify it.
  15. creasman

    Playing sawyer this morning

    I was helping a friend cut firewood off his property when we came across a dead cedar tree about 8" in diameter. He gave it to me knowing my interest in woodworking. I cut several sections into 2' lengths and left them sitting in my basement, where they've been for the past ten years or so --...
  16. creasman

    Upholstered Furniture Building Help

    One thought is to buy an old couch from an estate sale or second hand shop similar to what you want and then remove the fabric to see how the frame is constructed. You could take detailed measurements that way. Of course you might then be tempted to re-upholster the old one ;-).
  17. creasman

    Lee Valley Bench Dog Bushing

    Why not make your own? Find a 2"-3" thick block of a reasonable hard wood with a solid knot -- maybe oak or yellow pine. Put the 3/4" bit in the drill press and bore through the knot to make a clean, straight, perpendicular hole. Now you have your own guide to clamp on the bench wherever you...
  18. creasman

    Steve Latta video on Federal-style inlay

    Please post some pictures along the way.
  19. creasman

    Steve Latta video on Federal-style inlay

    Came across this YouTube video recently of Steve Latta speaking at Yale University Art Gallery on the subject of Federal-period furniture inlays (Sept, 2019). It's really interesting and instructive if you're interested in that sort of woodworking.
  20. creasman

    Earth Quake in North Carolina !??

    I had the same thought while it was happening.

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