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  1. JCraig

    David Smith (Boardsmith)

    Talked with David about 2 weeks ago. He was interested in doing some part time courier work with my company. Because of the virus, medical deliveries had slowed and I let him know I would be back in touch with him the first of May. So sorry to hear of his passing.
  2. JCraig


    I also like it. Especially the part about making the pattern for the taper.
  3. JCraig

    Greensboro Lunch This Tuesday

    Right now, plan to be there.
  4. JCraig

    Greensboro Lunch - This Thursday

    Going try to make it this time.
  5. JCraig

    Hand plane useage workshop - May 13

    I am still planning to attend.
  6. JCraig

    Greetings from a Welsh guy now living in NC

  7. JCraig

    Sign-up for May 13 Handplane workshop

    Mike, Please sign me up for the May 13th class. Thanks,
  8. JCraig

    Handplane useage workshop May?

    Either date works for me.
  9. JCraig

    Handplane useage workshop May?

    Mike, I would like to attend, please pencil me in.
  10. JCraig

    Adding information to your sawyers list

    Just as information. I used Jasons' service in Dec. to cut about 250 board feet of pecan. He did a great job and at a good price.
  11. JCraig

    Pecan logs, are they worth having sawed for lumber?

    Bill, The price did not cover blades. $40.00 extra for blades. However, This tree has been beside the house for 40 years. No nails. Do you still have the name of the man that cut your trees?
  12. JCraig

    Pecan logs, are they worth having sawed for lumber?

    Next door neighbor had a pecan tree cut down. Has two logs that he said if I wanted I could have. Estimate approx 175 board feet when and if sawed up. Question: Are they worth having cut up into lumber? And, what is pecan usually used for? I received a quote of $500.00 to have them cut into...
  13. JCraig

    new guy

  14. JCraig

    Greensboro Lunch Bunch - This Week ! ! !

    I plan to be there.
  15. JCraig

    Greensboro Lunch Bunch meets this Thursday

    Doing my best to get there this time.
  16. JCraig

    b4man Update

    Will continue to pray for Barbara and her family.
  17. 20150525_150913


    New Toy
  18. JCraig

    Hey GREENSBORO, ready for LUNCH?

    Should be able to make it.
  19. JCraig

    Intarsia Class with Mike Mathieu (wdkits1) - Who is interested?

    I'm in. The keepsake box would be great. I'm in for that also.

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