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  1. TENdriver

    Lufkin No. 48

    Okay, probably can’t compare to Richo’s Upson Nut rule, but I picked up a Lufkin No. 48 that seems to be in reasonably good shape. Has strong lettering, not banged or dinged up and rule joints seem pretty tight. Added it to my my minuscule Lufkin collection. I have my dad’s and granddad’s...
  2. TENdriver

    This Old House - Insider with NYW and Norm

    Has anyone tried the TOH Insider subscription? They say it will include access to the NYW catalogue of videos as well as pdf downloads of the plans. While some of Norm’s earliest projects were a little too much carpentry based...
  3. TENdriver

    Buying Clamp Racks

    I saw these racks on Lee Valley. My first thought was why would a woodworker buy a rack made out of wood? Second look, with supplies, metal bits, the Baltic Birch and finishing, maybe it’s actually a reasonable thing to buy. The design does look kind of good...
  4. TENdriver

    Lowes changes to Military Discount

    Sadly, after driving almost an hour to get a specific item, I discovered that Lowe’s has reduced their military discount on certain items. I didn’t get into the specifics of the changes, but you may want to clarify exactly how much the discount will be before driving an hour from home! In my...
  5. TENdriver

    Germanic Goose-Wing hewing ax or hatchet

    Okay, I’m in search of two things: Firstly is any reference material on the 17th - 18th century Germanic goose-wing ax or hatchet. That could be expanded to include period items made in the various Germanic communities of Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina. The second request is about...
  6. TENdriver

    Finish for “Post and Wrung” seating

    So, I have a couple post and wrung projects that are sidelined until I can come up with a specific finish for the Paper Fiber Rush seats. I purchased some yellow colored paper fiber rush. Ideally, I would like a water clear finish for the rush seat, but so far, all the products I tried...
  7. TENdriver

    IKEA anyone?

    So, I buzzed through my local IKEA today. I was looking for a cheap “Billy bookcase” to hold my expanded book collection. No luck, but I remembered IKEA used sell solid wood counter tops. So, I check the “as is” section for a cheap wood counter and found this...
  8. TENdriver

    One Second for Safety! - table saw

    So, in another thread I mentioned how I keep a couple dozen Safety Glasses positioned around my home. The idea being that having a pair within arms length, will make it less likely that I will undertake a “one-second task” without wearing protective eyewear. Here’s a photo from a couple years...
  9. TENdriver

    Front Door hinge pins

    I finally received the water based enamel paint for my front door. I plan on rolling the paint with a 3/8” mini roller and a foam brush. Many seem to do this painting while the door is vertical. If I wanted to paint the door horizontally, are there any reasons for not pulling the hinge pins?
  10. TENdriver

    Two more questions

    Okay, HOA list of work is nearing completion. Unfortunately, my personal “to do” list has expanded exponentially, but that’s a whole different list. In the meantime, I need to paint my builder’s grade fiberglass/composite front door. It’s on a southern exposure with no shade. My first...
  11. TENdriver

    Mitre Box and Saw

    I don’t have a real need for a powered miter Saw. But I have been interested in a mitre box for some time. I found an okay condition Craftsman mitre box and saw at the Habitat ReStore. The saw is still sharp and it’s quick on 2 x 4 stock. Also, my other larger mitre Saw works with it.
  12. TENdriver

    Pressure Washer help?

    My HOA wants us to pressure wash the concrete retainer walls leading down into my basement and a small area of a concrete side porch. Is renting a pressure washer a good option or are there smaller electric units that are effective?
  13. TENdriver

    Negus - Treen Turning

    Any thoughts of how this was turned or would be turned today? I’ve never turned a winged bowl, but would that be very similar?
  14. TENdriver

    Bessey clamps at HD

    I noticed that HD has recently reduced the price of these “F style” clamps. I have about a dozen of the shorter ones that are part of this package. I have had these clamps for a few years, and I’m very satisfied with them. I won’t go so far as to say that I have abused mine, but let’s...
  15. TENdriver

    New body for a Transitional Plane

    I sometimes use transitional hand planes and several years ago I put together an (almost) “full” set of Stanley transitional planes. I have a few partial planes that I cannibalized some of the parts off of and they’re just sitting around. Has anyone ever made a new body for a transitional...
  16. TENdriver

    Woodworking Aviators - making propellers

    I know a few of you NCWWs are also aviators. I found this video incredibly interesting. Besides, where else can you get a replacement prop for your Bristol fighter? I’ve always wanted to make a prop. Pretty sure I don’t want to fly behind it, but it would be a fun “wall hanger” project.
  17. TENdriver

    Boy, That’s Irritating!

    I literally took a single stabbing cut on some white pine. Since I’ve taken a “Wood is Good” mallet and pounded this type of chisel into white oak, I tend to think that this specific (and until now unused) chisel was defective!
  18. TENdriver

    Ebony from Ivory!

    An experiment that didn’t result in the outcome I’d hoped for. I wanted to inlay some Holly into my winding sticks. No problem, plenty of Holly growing around NoVA. Without belaboring that this isn’t the time of year to harvest Holly, I thought I had the solution. Easy solution, microwave...
  19. TENdriver

    Hanger Bolt question

    So, I’d like to make a front knob like this accessory from Lee Valley/Veritas:,41182 I have the hanger bolts to attach the knob, but I feel the bolt may need to be secured to the knob since this frequently gets twisted to open and...
  20. TENdriver

    Stanley Sweetheart block plane

    The Stanley Sweetheart number 9 1/2 hand plane is a very good plane for both the power tool woodworker and the handtool woodworker. Okay, so I realize that this is not the hand tool forum. But this block plane is marketed more towards somebody who does not normally have or use hand planes...

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