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  1. ScottM

    ISO tires for my 14" band saw

    I have a 14" grizzly BS that really needs a major tuning. Seems no matter how I adjust it that is wants to cut on a bias. I have the riser installed. I think it is at least 15 years old and I bought it used. I want to check off the simple stuff first. I have a new blade CHECK. I now want to...
  2. ScottM

    Box making question

    Friends asked me to make an urn for their cat's ashes. Prepared the stock no problem. Mitered the sides no problem. Cut daddo for top and bottom no problem. Glue up was great. Cut the top off using my miter gauge on the table saw did not come out as nice as I would have liked. Sanding...
  3. ScottM

    Red Cedar

    I am looking to make some more of the angels for the NCWW Thank You project. I want to make these out of red cedar. Anyone know where I can get about 10' linear feet of 1 1/2" thick cedar? I live on the NC/VA border so location is important too.
  4. ScottM

    My NCWW Angels are done.

    Here are my 50. I used Maple, Pine, Butternut, Aspen, Poplar and few other pieces I have no idea what they are. Phil the next time I am in Raleigh I will drop them at your house.
  5. ScottM

    THE new ornament for 2020 - You all need to make this one

    I saw this poste on Facebook. This will be the ornament for 2020. Stay home....Stay safe....Make lots of sawdust.
  6. ScottM

    Red Grandis

    Has anyone worked with Red Grandis? Interested in know how easy it works. It looks like mahogany but very affordable. Looking to build a 4 feet tall cross for church.
  7. ScottM

    Still scrolling

    I don't always post pictures of my work though I am in the shop playing probably 250+ days a year. This is something I just did kinda for the fun of it and to say I did it. It is a Steve Good design. What makes this kinda unique is the size. That is a standard size push pin.
  8. ScottM

    NCWW needs this guy as a member.

    or at least support his efforts.
  9. ScottM

    A.C. Moore Closing All Stores

    Saw this on the news. Sad when any business closes because people always loose jobs. If you are near one of the stores that is closing you might be able to get some bargains on some supplies like: glue, craft paint, detail brushes, framing and matting material, etc...
  10. ScottM

    Olive Wood Source

    I am looking for a source of Mediterranean Olive Wood. Wood from the holy land would be the ideal for what I am doing. Really looking for wood that is 3/4" by 3" or wider. At only 3" wide I would need at least 4' linear feet. I found several pen and turning blank source. Anyone do anything...
  11. ScottM

    Help with a grilling enclosure

    I tired of getting wet when grilling on the deck. I am looking to build a shed roof design roof to cover my grill and me when grilling. The area will be 8 x 8 or less. I plan to make it tall enough so I can use corrugated fiberglass panels for the roof but I am not locked in corrugated...
  12. ScottM

    CA Glue burns

    This photo was posted recently on of all things a scroll saw forum. Yes some scroll sawers do use CA glue. When delicate fret work breaks during cutting, a small drop of CA can save hours of work from the burn pile. Anyway, when the bottle tipped is ended up gluing her sock to her foot. The...
  13. ScottM

    Apex Auction

    No connection.
  14. ScottM

    Try this at home if you dare

    Not really wood working. I have seen this done on various scroll saw forums, Facebook and YouTube. It is called coin cutting. It was actually not that hard. It is different then cutting wood in some ways. For example you use CA glue to attach the pattern. I used my Excalibur regular...
  15. ScottM

    Wine glass rack

    Back in October I asked for help with creating moldings to hold wine glasses. As usual I received lots of ideas and offers. This past week I tackled it. For the specs I used the dimensions from a drawing provided by Ste6168. It turned out to be a lot easier then I thought.
  16. ScottM

    OMG - Captial City Lumber

    For my scroll work I use a fair amount of 1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood. Ornaments, backers, pictures, etc. Normally I get it at The Hardwood Store for $20 per 5'x5' sheet. I am currently out. I happened to be in Raleigh not far from Capital City Lumber yesterday and I figured I would pick up a...
  17. ScottM

    Anyone have experince with this compressor

    Thinking about getting this compressor. Any experiences with this one?
  18. ScottM

    Anyone spray polyacrylic

    I need to spray a couple boxes and I know lacquer can smell for a while and very dangerous unless done outside. Anyone spray polyacrylic (water based poly) sucessfully? If so did you spray straight from the can or did you mix it with something? Anything else I should be aware of.
  19. ScottM

    Cutting wine glass molding

    Wife wants to hang some wine glass under a kitchen cabinet. I see Rocker sells precut molding strips but if course they are red oak and I need cherry. Anyone have dimension and angles to make your own? I would prefer to cut in the table saw vs having to buy a special router bit.
  20. ScottM

    Yes I really do get some work done in my shop

    I make a lot of designer saw dust but I don't post a lot of pictures. Just complete a set of these layered crosses. The designer is Alex Fox. He makes patterns for scroll saw and automated processes (cnc and laser). This design is made of layers of 1/8" Baltic Birch. Every other layer (2nd...

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