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  1. ptt49er

    A Willow Oak, a new chainsaw and some abandoned wood

    Earlier this spring my neighbor had an old Willow Oak fall during a thunderstorm. So we limbed it up and left the trunk. The tree was larger than any chainsaw either of us owned. I took this opportunity to convince SWMBO that I just had to have a Husqy 460 Rancher with a 24" bar to "help"...
  2. ptt49er

    PTT49er's Shop Build

    I know - I'm a newbie to most everyone except for some of the old hat's hanging around. We've moved, twice, since I went on hiatus. I haven't had a shop, haven't done much woodworking, but that's all about to change! It's been 7 years or so since I've had a space to tinker in. When SWMBO and...
  3. ptt49er

    A Quick Way to Help Tornado Victims in Lee County

    Hey guys... My home town needs your help. I know you have seen where Sanford, NC was hit HARD by tornado's last weekend, Lowes Hardware leveled, lots and lots of homes damaged. On to the helping part...A handful of local businesses have pledged to donate (food/money) for every "Like" they get...
  4. ptt49er

    Closed a thread

    Guys, I closed this thread It wasn't going anywhere good or being productive.
  5. ptt49er

    A signature worth looking at...

    aplpickr's signature is: Not sure if it crosses the line or not...what do the masses think?
  6. ptt49er

    "Thanks" button...

    Since I've asked in two other threads and it must've gotten lost in them some how... What's up with the Thanks button? While a neat idea, that extra, rather large, area it adds is distracting. Did I miss a post or something about it?
  7. ptt49er

    Interesting New User

    Datarecovery What do y'all think?
  8. ptt49er

    Political Ad?

    Can we get this ad blocked? I don't even know what they are pushing for or about, but it doesn't belong here.
  9. ptt49er

    A few pens

    One of my great friends is getting married in a few weeks, so I turned him some pens. The kits are gun metal saturn slimlines and a junior retro in acrylic. The woods are black walnut and red palm. All except the acrylic are finished w/ CA. Thanks for looking!
  10. ptt49er

    Not accepting Google Checkout for Raffle tickets

    When to purchase some raffle tickets just a few minutes ago and got this... :dontknow::icon_scra:dontknow::icon_scra:dontknow::icon_scra:dontknow::icon_scra:dontknow::icon_scra:dontknow::icon_scra:dontknow::icon_scra:dontknow::icon_scra:dontknow::icon_scra:dontknow::icon_scra
  11. ptt49er

    Third biggest gloat EVER!

    The first one would've been getting married, the second one was Joel being born almost 3 years ago. But this one is just as awesome! Please welcome Master Mason David Thorne! He was born Monday at 10:36 am, weighing in at 8 lbs 4 ozs and measuring a full 21" long. Mom and baby are doing well...
  12. ptt49er

    Health Care Reform Thread

    I put this thread in moderation... Thoughts?
  13. ptt49er

    A question for y'all....

    I received the following PM from Red this evening concerning selling something on our site... I haven't responded yet, was wanting to get input on his question for posting in off topic. I know he can't post them in the classifieds...but I was unsure on starting a thread. Awaiting further...
  14. ptt49er


    Alright....I'm :kamahlitu Below is the PM I sent him last night... Here's his response.... And then this thread... I moderated the thread and haven't sent him a PM yet. Collecting my thoughts..... Am I right? or...
  15. ptt49er

    Thread moderated... If I was wrong let me know...
  16. ptt49er


    Agree? Pull it?
  17. ptt49er

    RevRenzo's Intro Post

    He has quoted scripture as his sig.... Should I pm him and ask him to change it? Here's a link.
  18. ptt49er

    Hot Dog Style Compressor Orientation

    There is an attached lean-to against the backside of my shop. It's not large enough to leave my hot dog style oil-less compressor horizontal. Would it hurt to turn it on end and set it up vertical?
  19. ptt49er

    Walnut and Maple Night Stand

    Here's the most recent product of my rather non-productive shop. The maple is some of Jeff's that I've gotten from NCPete (top) and MikeH (drawer front and lower shelf). Thanks guys! The walnut is from a buddy. It's wood his grandpa had sawn up years and years ago. I still need to put a...
  20. ptt49er

    A Visit to Kyle's

    So my birthday present was lumber!:gar-Bi Got a little over a 100 bd. ft. of walnut, plus some poplar, ash, and some of his "culls". I love hunting through his scrap pile. :thumbs_up:thumbs_up The required pics... And of course the local residents had to come see what this Harrisburg boy...

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