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  1. Ken Massingale

    Freud SD208 Puzzle

    Thanks guys, I found the problem. ME, I'm a moron! :-) This is not the only stupid move I made this weekend, just the only one I made public.
  2. Ken Massingale

    Slick clamp handles

    I'm having a heck of a time using hand screw clamps on my current project. The handles are very smooth and as my hands sweat they slip on the handle. What do you folks use to add some friction? Thanks Ken
  3. Ken Massingale

    Freud SD208 Puzzle

    Wellll, it seems there was an original version of the SD208, which is apparently what I have. The newer version has the chippers described in the chart that came with my set. Old version with setup chart for the new version.
  4. Ken Massingale

    Freud SD208 Puzzle

    Several years ago I was gifted the SD208 dado set. I already had an inexpensive set, and I normally use the router table for dados and grooves, so I hadn't opened the SD208 until yesterday. I have some confusion about the chippers I have with the set. The Freud site shows the chippers included...
  5. Ken Massingale

    Needing Some CNC Work

    A good friend would like to embed South Carolina quarters in his new 1911 pistol grips. These are his new grips: Here is another set with quarters embedded: Anyone interested in this job please let me know. Thanks much Ken
  6. Ken Massingale


    'Lotus' bandsaw box.
  7. Ken Massingale


    I love my Bibs too. Sizing is important, the 'waist' size maybe should not be your waist measurement. Manufacturers have different points of measure.
  8. Ken Massingale

    HTC Portamate PBR-001 Wood Storage Rack at Lowe's $19.99

    You might want to print that link page with that price. Lowes has the rack with a different Item number priced at $60.
  9. Ken Massingale

    I need help with band saw resawing.

    Phillip, Centering the gullet on the wheel instead of centering the blade on the wheel made the big difference for me, along with using Cool Blocks with the blade buried.
  10. Ken Massingale

    I need help with band saw resawing.

    I have the same bandsaw and resaw often. Get a 1/2" bimetal blade for resawing from the guys at Watch this by Alex Snodgrass, especially the section about where to place the blade on the upper wheel. I use Cool Blocks instead of the side roller bearings. Good luck, you will...
  11. Ken Massingale

    Best resaw blade ???

    I can't comment on the Resaw King because I haven't used one. I have the 10-325 and have used the Woodslicer, and the Iturra version. Both are good resaw blades, but dull quickly. For $37 I get bi-metal blades from a local N.C. small company, (not associated with Woodcraft)...
  12. Ken Massingale

    Bandsaw Resaw Jig

    For folks about to buy a Woodslicer blade, I suggest calling (a N.C. small company not associated with Woodcraft) and trying their resaw blade. It is about 1/2 the cost of the Woodslicer and last significantly longer. The Woodslicer is a great blade but pricey and dulls quickly.
  13. Ken Massingale

    Lignum Vitae roller guides?

    I use Cool Blocks, but Lignum Vitae could used as well.
  14. Ken Massingale

    What to do with a fallen persimmon?

    It is prized for golf club heads/
  15. Ken Massingale

    Need some advice on BS drive belt replacement

    You're asking a lot from a 3/4 hp motor with a 3/4" 3 tpi blade. Most so called experts recommend (correctly) that a 1/2" blade is max for this type BS. Since you say you can do the cut if you slow way down, I don't think a new belt is going to make you happy.
  16. Ken Massingale

    Upgrade + Downgrade = Same, But Better

    You can also use Cool Blocks.
  17. Ken Massingale

    Can we talk about 14" bandsaws

    I agree about (not associated with Woodcraft). Johns resaw blade is much better than the Woodslicer and much less expensive. I have been using his bi-metal blades for a few years and they last and last. Easy to sharpen with a Dremal too!. Ken
  18. Ken Massingale

    Advice needed for buying Incra router table

    I have the large Incra table with Incra fence and Wonder fence, and the Milwaukee 5625. The combination is fantastic, but I don't have or need a lift. The 5625 has above the table bit changes with one of these . Good luck with your choice, you'll never regret getting the Incra equipment.
  19. Ken Massingale

    Anyone have a hydraulic shop cart I could borrow?

    But you still gotta lift the saw 6-8 inches to get it on the cart. Sure you don't need an engine hoist instead of a cart?
  20. Ken Massingale

    DeWalt 735 Planer - Question

    If you haven't already, remove the housing from the internal blower. Occasionally chips can clog the housing, especially if something like ply has been run through the planer.

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