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  1. Touchwood

    Johnny Walker new "Bottle"

    They'll probably claim it "ages" better in a wood bottle;)
  2. Touchwood

    Life Update

    long time no hear. Glad to see you're back and busy. Take care, Don
  3. Touchwood

    Repeat with better photos

    I agree with the mix of woods. Great hand-made craftsmanship and obvious knowledge of good joinery. That's a museum piece IMHO
  4. Touchwood

    Latest nesting tables

    That is absolutely beautiful work!!!!!
  5. Touchwood

    Article pictures

    I haven't tried posting any pictures lately so really haven't seen the changes. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised:)
  6. Touchwood

    Article pictures

    Thanks Bas.. Wonder why they "fixed" it. It used to be pretty easy to see what you'd posted in the past
  7. Touchwood

    Article pictures

    Thanks Bas, That's exactly what I see with a "file not found" message. How did you find the new path?
  8. Touchwood

    Sawing crown molding on a table saw?

    Its pretty simple with a radial arm saw. Just position it at the right angle against the back fence
  9. Touchwood

    Laminar Design

    Thanks Joe' Don't we have any experts anymore on the website?? Seems like old information should be recoverable unless they actually deleted it. We used to get response from the "Help Desk" with HELP
  10. Touchwood

    Laminar Design

    Touchwood Don Corporate Member 24 minutes ago...
  11. Touchwood

    Article pictures

    I posted an article backl in 2013 titled "Laminar Design" I can find the article in my media but the JPEGs wont open. Any clues on why not. ??
  12. Touchwood

    what kind of wood

    I have several boards that look almost identical and they are definitely Ash
  13. Touchwood

    Recent Turnings

    Always great work.
  14. Touchwood

    Happy birthday FredP

    Hi Fred.. Happy Birthday. Just like fine wine, right??
  15. Touchwood

    David Smith (Boardsmith)

    I really enjoyed his posts and the great work he did. He is missed.
  16. Touchwood

    So cool...Wooden door knob

    Very cool !!!
  17. Touchwood

    Aspen wood?

    Well they use it a lot in Colorado for firewood :D. In the Fall the mountains are covered with gold colored Aspens. The Aspen leaf is the symbol for the Aspen/Snowmass ski area. It's nowhere near as hard as Alder, but works easily for small projects...takes stain better than pine.
  18. Modern Shaker

    Modern Shaker

    A small display table...shaker on steroids
  19. Touchwood

    Another update for Steve Coles - Part One

    Great news Steve. Hope your recovery now goes smoothly and less delusional :wwink: The NCWW Force is with you Don
  20. Touchwood

    Finish on Cypress?

    I built outdoor deck furniture probably 15 years ago. The Cypress weathered grey after a couple years with no finish and stayed that way. Only deterioration is some carpenter bee holes and they actually don't look bad

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