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  1. SubGuy

    Unusual Request

    Ok well luck would have it, one of her old college friends whom she hasn't talked to in years lives in Raleigh and has a spare bedroom in her apartment and just reached out to her. I appreciate all of you reaching out to help, it warms the heart. They were really panicked on how they were...
  2. SubGuy

    Unusual Request

    Thanks for the responses. I will let you know Monday or Tuesday. Ronald McDonald House is supposed to give an answer by then. Options are greatly appreciated!
  3. SubGuy

    Unusual Request

    As most of you know, I am still active in the military. I have a military friend who grabbed me today and asked if I had any family or good friends in the Raleigh area that could board his wife for a month or two. His 14yo daughter is getting transferred to a special treatment center for a...
  4. SubGuy

    Table, complete and delivered

    Very nice. I always wanted to go from tree to furniture like that. I think you can have a better appreciation for the piece.
  5. SubGuy

    Sharpen or New General Purpose 10 inch Table Saw Blade

    I know you already ordered your blade, but if you're unhappy, I offer my experience. Freud Industrial has server me well on my Jet 3HP. So has a thin kerf CMT combo which I have retired for a junk blade as I am moving away from combos and getting more toward purpose build blades. Next...
  6. SubGuy

    Looking for my first table saw, need recommendations

    I will second that. I have a Jet JTAS 10XL 3HP 220V saw. I want a bigger one or a slider. Working bigger and longer pieces has been quite a task. I can't always get an extra hand and it's getting old rigging up jigs for more space on the infeed side. Table is too small all the way around...
  7. SubGuy

    A slight issue

    This is the right call. Agree with both Charlie and Mike!
  8. SubGuy

    Mortise and Tenon

    I don't know the answer to that question. I try to use them whenever it's appropriate. I do like wedge tenons. I also like tusk tenons. M&T are fun to make IMHO. Through or blind, miter or straight, Haunched or flat, I like them all.
  9. SubGuy

    Screws that don't strip

    When I have issues with cam out, I go to the 1/4" Impact. It's a lot less prone to cam out. Also I use star bits and square drives and it make a BIG difference. So I agree with Dennis.
  10. SubGuy

    Throwing out an option

    This is worth exploring. I think it would have to be recorded to be available for members who can't make it one to watch. It would end up being a good library though. It would be something we would need to protect for members only IMHO.
  11. SubGuy

    Shaken Trees: Ship Building vs. Furniture Building

    Got a yard full of older live oak and sand laurel oak. Next question is, am I ready to build a boat?
  12. SubGuy

    Grizzly grinder for sharpening lawn mower blades

    I've got one of the HF grinders. It comes with an extra set of brushes. I used them because I was doing more that it was intended for IMHO. I was cutting alot of square tubing and angle iron when I was fab'ing up a bottling stand as well as smoothing all the welds and getting ready for paint...
  13. SubGuy

    Cherry jewelry box with secret latch and hidden compartments

    Wonderful Craftsmanship! Love it!
  14. SubGuy

    I've never had any training in wood work.

    I highly recommend taking that particular topic into a private discussion. As for the questions we see on the forum, I do see some basic questions, if that's what you are referring to. But the level of basic pales in comparison to the Facebook Groups I am a member of. To become a member of...
  15. SubGuy

    Shaken Trees: Ship Building vs. Furniture Building

    Well, I know the Constitution has a pond (this was a traditional treatment) for the masts. They are selected and hewn and afterward sunk in the pond for years at a time. I want to say if I remember right, they spend upwards of 10-15 years before they are pulled out of the pond for final...
  16. SubGuy

    I've never had any training in wood work.

    I know for me, it's the distance and my schedule. For others, I think it's life gets in the way. Not everyone dives into it as deep as some and not everyone can afford to time wise and $$ wise. It does seems to be our community is getting less "in-person" now-a-days too. :dontknow:
  17. SubGuy

    Oh, Come on!

    Wish I could go, work schedule will not permit....:(
  18. SubGuy

    Surface Rust on Tools

    I use Boeshield...I live in SE GA. Humidity is greenhouse level here. Only thing that ever rusts is the stuff I don't put it on.
  19. SubGuy

    New to NC and NC Woodworker

    Welcome to Ye Ole Sawdust Pile!
  20. SubGuy

    Advice Request (?)

    For marking tools, I would suggest the following: Good accurate steel rules (get several sizes all the way to 24 or 36", make sure you get 6" too), Good accurate squares ( I have a large 18" combo and a small 3". It is really important that you get good ones that give true angles), Get a...

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