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  1. DWSmith

    Grizzly 10% Coupon

    Received a coupon good for 10% off an order from Grizzly, good until 1/31/19. If anyone wants the code let me know.
  2. DWSmith

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is?

    Does anyone know who is behind Curious. Looks like he lifted most of the FAQ I created and sent to the new owner along with some other things. Looks like the offending person is in Hickory.
  3. DWSmith

    Larry Kirk is Back at it AGAIN

    I the last two weeks I have been getting the emails from Larry Kirk about his woodworking plans. He claims I subscribed in a Google woodworking group. Tried to unsubscribe twice today and the second attempt worked.
  4. DWSmith

    Tools Available on Saturday Feb 20

    When I closed The BoardSMITH last June, I auctioned off all the large equipment and kept the smaller tools thinking that someday I would either start a new project or get back to some sort of woodworking again. Life has simply got in the way and I can honestly say I have no way to ever start...
  5. DWSmith

    Change of Name

    Since I sold my business in June, I am no longer associated with the name than shows up in the posts I make. The BoardSMITH name now belongs to the new owner in Dallas, TX and I would like to change the name on my posts to DWSmith. Can I do this or is this something a moderator has to do?
  6. DWSmith

    Final Close Out of Tools

    The auction is over and I have some tools that need good homes. They are listed here but if this violates any rules, I will move them to the classified section. Bosch B024012 2.3 hp router kit bought at Klingspors this year, very good condition $175.00 Bosch router table w/folding legs...
  7. DWSmith

    Auction Left-Overs; What some Refused to Pay For

    Two companies have refused to honor their bids on two pieces of equipment, a Grizzly G0490X 8" jointer and an Oneida Pro 2000 cyclone. If anyone is interested let me know and I will be happy to show them. Both are in good shape and ready to be put to use in another shop.
  8. DWSmith

    Wide Jointer

    Is there anyone on the forum with a 16" wide jointer? I can get by with a 12" though.
  9. DWSmith

    Just Completed Patchwork Boards

    With the last show of the year fast approaching, I decided to make the out-front-display different and hopefully more eye catching this year. So my employee and I made four more of the Patchwork boards, formerly known as Chaos boards. Once they were complete we brainstormed the new name since...
  10. DWSmith

    Customer Ordered Work Bench

    Just finished today and will be out the door tomorrow. The top is 2 x 24 x 54 hard maple, 2 3/4 square hard maple legs with a bead on the edges, hard maple aprons with a matching bead, finished with several applications of Watco Danish Oil. The customer asked for holes to be drilled in the...
  11. DWSmith

    American Version of the Chaos Cutting Board

    I don't usually try different designs preferring to stay with the tried and true designs that have worked so well in the past. So with a little extra time in the shop I decided to give this design a try. Instead of using just two different species of wood, I choose four, maple, mahogany...
  12. DWSmith

    Faraday Cage/Box for EMP and CME Protection

    I have never seen a project like this here on NCWW so I thought I would contribute. This is a simple 3/4” plywood box like anyone can make. What makes it different is the exterior covering. First we used heavy duty aluminum foil to wrap the entire box and provide for an interrupted skin of...
  13. DWSmith

    Boards Ready for Shows

    I have entered two small shows this year preferring to concentrate on web sales. The last big show I did in DC last year only drew 15k people making it not worth the effort and this year I entered a large NYC show only to find out the promoter was scamming people, selling the spaces before he...
  14. DWSmith

    Magnolia Trees on the Ground

    If anyone is interested - A homeowner just down the street from my shop is remodeling his home and has cut down three rather large Magnolia trees in his front yard. Yesterday HMerkle looked at them yesterday and said the homeowner would be burning the trunks. If anyone is interested I believe...
  15. DWSmith

    Open House January 25, 2015

    I know, I am a lot early with this announcement but I am a lot excited to announce that----- Wait! I can't tell you who will be the special guests quite yet. That will have to wait for a few more weeks. But I believe you will want to be here! Mark your calendars for January 25, 2015.
  16. DWSmith

    Went to the Lumber Yard Today

    Loaded trailer, 4900 pounds of wood on a trailer rated for 3500 pounds. Will make a bunch of boards!
  17. DWSmith

    Moisture Meter

    I am having a problem with Franklins TiteBond III Glue, the glue lines seem to be raising up after drying and finishing the boards. TiteBond tech service tells me it is because the wood is shrinking around the joint as the moisture leaves the wood which I am having a hard time wrapping my head...
  18. DWSmith

    Confessions of a Power Tool Junkie

    So I will try again. As I was writing the original post, the software signed me out and I lost the photos. I first purchased a glue rack to make the glue-ups easier and more precise. I then purchased a down draft table to handle dust in the shop. With the doors closed during the cold...
  19. DWSmith

    Kobalt Garage Air Line Kit

    Don't waste your time, every joint I tested leaked. I wasn't able to do anything to stop the leaks.
  20. DWSmith

    Grizzly Tent Sale 5/17

    Is anyone going or thinking about going?

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