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  1. TENdriver

    What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?

    Blue Velvet slippers. ... I wish I was kidding. Also, I do use pads at multiple work stations.
  2. TENdriver

    My Coronavirus response

    Wow, looks great! I am a big proponent of using carefully chosen pieces of home center wood to build useful furniture. Thanks for sharing.
  3. TENdriver

    LED flexible gooseneck lamps

    Brad, I wanted to replace some small halogen work lights, and I literally just bought a clip on gooseneck LED lamp from Target or WallyWorld. It’s probably a 40w or 60w equivalent. I paid around $4.00 for it. There also were other similar LEDs with smaller shades.
  4. TENdriver

    Do you use a biscuit joiner and if so, for what?

    Years ago, a Yankee WoodWorker persuaded me I needed a PC557. For the last twenty years, I’ve successfully used that 557 to hold a shelf down. Never used it to cut a biscuit slot or anything else. ...and now (true story) my wife loves to look me in the eyes and say “biscuit” with a Boston accent.
  5. TENdriver


    Personally, I hand plane the tracks. Sometimes I will use a scraper. I really don’t like the noise or dust from power sanding.
  6. TENdriver

    Tapering table legs on bench jointer

    Rusty, for me, removing 1.5” of material on the jointer is a stretch. I agree with Dave, that removing the waste with a bandsaw is preferable, though I probably would use the tablesaw in two passes from opposing sides.
  7. TENdriver

    Lufkin No. 48

    Yes, it’s a 24” rule. I think it’s used in 6” increments, but I haven’t used one before. I don’t anticipate using any of these vintage rules. I can’t see investing the time to alter my established routines. I actually prefer to use that specific model of Lufkin tape. I managed to...
  8. TENdriver

    Lufkin No. 48

    Okay, probably can’t compare to Richo’s Upson Nut rule, but I picked up a Lufkin No. 48 that seems to be in reasonably good shape. Has strong lettering, not banged or dinged up and rule joints seem pretty tight. Added it to my my minuscule Lufkin collection. I have my dad’s and granddad’s...
  9. TENdriver

    New turning

    Wow, that’s just outstanding!
  10. TENdriver

    Graduation Gift ideas for femal high school senior

    Scott, This is really an interesting project, and based on what the next decade of your daughter’s life will be like. There are some meaningful and useful possible projects. I personally find all the suggestions to be appealing and appropriate, but based on my personal experience of three...
  11. TENdriver

    Alternative to Kreg brand screws?

    FWIW, while haven’t needed to buy them in bulk, I am very satisfied with the screws that Kreg sells. In fact, I am so highly satisfied, that I’d be very hard pressed to even consider using another manufacturer’s pocket screws.
  12. TENdriver


    Tom, This is just my take. That plane is very clean and in nice condition. For me, definitely all I would do is sharpen, lightly clean the dust, lightly lube the threads. Very little reason to do anything else. As far as the patina goes, I don’t immediately see any rust. The little bit of...
  13. TENdriver

    Coasters split and I don't know why.

    Peter, I hope you’ll follow up on this post. I don’t know what is causing the splits, so I’m very interested in what the outcome is.
  14. TENdriver

    Chestnut wormwood wanted

    Ed, I didn’t specifically check your location and for chestnut, but I have had some success sourcing wood using the “wood finder” web page. It’s a relatively old school web page but it used to work reasonably well. Good Luck!
  15. TENdriver

    Where can I buy kerosine?

    Back when I was heavily interested in antique kerosene lamps and heaters, it was suggested that Agricultural kerosene, which isn’t taxed and consequently doesn’t require the dye, could be a good source for kerosene. It’s supposed to be significantly cheaper. BTW, the consensus back in the day...
  16. TENdriver

    Lovingly Remembered

    Phil, So very sorry to hear of your wife’s passing. We will keep your family in our prayers.
  17. TENdriver

    Making progress on Federal Card Table

    Jim, That’s great, I really like Mid-Atlantic and Southern pieces that rely on SYP. I think SYP is underutilized in period pieces. I understand what you mean about the BORG SYP. I live outside the distribution range for SYP construction timber, so I have to drive around 90-miles south to...
  18. TENdriver

    Sanding Shoe For Flattening Panels?

    Tom, I have some very strong opinions on hand tool use. Without belaboring all of that, a nice quality vintage jack plane is an excellent place to start. I would absolutely recommend trying one under the tutelage of someone who is reasonably familiar with hand tools. They are really simple...
  19. TENdriver

    Need Jointer and Planer

    Mike, I would be very curious about the specific types of projects that are of interest you. For example, I’m almost exclusively concentrating on 17th to early 19th century N American furniture. While lots of other projects interest me, I don’t want to continue chasing new skills. I also...

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