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  1. novice99

    Neoclassical side tables

    +1 Beautiful work!
  2. novice99

    Any Tips on Turning with Carbide Insert Tools?

    Well I've taken the plunge and brought home a new shiny spinny thing! (I know no pics it didn't happen, but I'm not interested in a stealth gloat). I have turned some small things on friends' lathes through the years but always with HSS tools. I decided to get my first set of tools with...
  3. novice99

    Converting Carport to Woodworking Shop

    +1 to flooring over top of the sloping concrete with treated lumber in a grid with styrofoam in between the sleepers covered with ply.
  4. novice99

    Help me decide - Grizzly G0656PX or G0490X jointer

    I got my 0656 last year on discount when they had their issue with paint peeling. I have been entirely pleased with it. If I was starting from scratch and had an unlimited budget I would go with the parallelogram design, but having said that I had no issues with getting the 0656 dialed in very...
  5. novice99

    Programmable Switches a Home Improvement For Us

    where did you find the Honeywell switches? I haven't seen them in a BORG or at my local hardware store. Maybe online?
  6. novice99

    Rockwell Jarhorse w/ Plywood Jaw

    I would echo the utility of these. I got one as a gift at Christmas and I have used it 7 or 8 times this month!
  7. novice99

    First Project Complete - Rolling Wood Cart

    very nice work! I need to make something like this for my sheet goods which are forever in the wrong place!
  8. novice99

    deal on 8" jointer from grizzly new unfortunately it will not work for me

    I couldn't resist! I have been limping along with my underpowered 6" delta for too many years. I think I can handle bad/peeling paint. I will update/post pics when it arrives.
  9. novice99

    Tool Gloat - and this time I can blame someone else

    nice score, you will love it. Picked mine up similarly a few years back and can't imagine the shop without it!
  10. novice99

    Cracked Husky

    I have had good luck in the past with putty epoxy for small leaks. Cut off a bit of the epoxy from the stick, work it together for several minutes, then while it is still quite soft apply it with some pressure to push some of the epoxy into the crack then let it cure. The epoxy won't be...
  11. novice99

    Poly Belt for Drum Sanders

    Jeremy- are you replacing the conveyor belt or do they make poly backed sandpaper belts for drum sanders?
  12. novice99

    Rocky Top coffee table finished!

    I must echo everyone else- the design, the woods, and the finish are superb! I hope to be able to do such work someday.
  13. novice99

    Performax 16-32 Plus Price

    I have the opportunity to pick-up a Performax 16-32 Plus roughly 10years old from a cabinet shop going out of business which appears to have been well cared for and in good condition. $650 seems like a fair price, but wanted to get opinions from those who may have bought one used. Thanks for...
  14. novice99

    Jet AFS-1000B Filter

    I have a high ceiling shop (16') and agree wholeheartedly with the use of ropes or a block and tackle approach to safely getting these up to hang. I have had to do this twice solo (found a second for pennies on CL) and being an idiot, I 1st tried to muscle the thing up my ladder...
  15. novice99

    Dangers breathing wood dust?

    Alan- as a practicing Pulmonologist and someone who has learned so much from you on this site, I would be happy to assist you in answering or researching any specific questions you may have for your project. As a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) guy, I have listed below a few basic points to...
  16. novice99

    Table saw paranoia

    Barbara- something not mentioned in this thread yet which I like very much for ripping are these board buddies...
  17. novice99

    Tool Cabinet

    Just to echo, once again, all that has been said before: AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL WORK...
  18. novice99

    Moving your workshop

    Having had to move the shop across country recently, I would recommend disassembling any/all protruding items: TS wings/fence rails, tool stands, knobs on jointer/planer/TS etc. Although it is more work taking things apart and putting back together, the ease of moving a "small " TS or planer...
  19. novice99

    A cutter becomes a cuttee

    Robert- having had both of my carpal tunnels released- 1st 11/06, 2nd 2/08- I can tell you that I am not sure why I waited 10years to do it! The incision(s) heal very quickly, but expect that you will have a funny aching in the base of your hand for 3-6weeks afterwards. After the doc cuts the...
  20. novice99

    Router Table Fence - Not from a plan

    did you say square-headed dolt?? Well then I'm your man! I won't even tell you about my last bout in the shop :roll::roll::roll::roll:

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