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  1. UncleJoe

    Oops never filled out this section

    Well I joined back in 2011 but I don't think I ever did this step. I missed the instructions to fill this out, but hey who reads instructions anyway. I am now retired in Chocowinity and preparing to build a new shop as soon as the contractor gets around to it. I had a 600 sq ft shop in New Bern...
  2. UncleJoe

    Longest dust control run?

    I know there are a lot of variables to consider like size of Dust collector, size of pipes, turns, etc. I am looking for some "rules of thumb" to get me headed in the proper direction or to avoid very bad decisions. I had a nice 600 sq ft hobby wood shop then I retired and the "Boss" decided...
  3. UncleJoe

    Shop Apron

    Listened to a recent Podcast from Finewoodworking and they got on the topic of shop aprons. I began using an apron about 8 years ago and I like it. I currently use an apron from Dulth Trading and one of the features I like is mesh bottoms in the ppockets so sawdust flows through. I don't like...
  4. UncleJoe

    Christmas gift ideas for the woodworker

    Christmas season is upon us and I have very little problem finding gifts for all my friends and families but I often struggle when they ask me for a list of what I want. My family knows to stay away from the "gifts for dad" isle at Lowe's or Home Depot. They usually have bundles of moderate to...
  5. UncleJoe

    CA Glue and Titebond III long term test

    About 2 years ago I built a bed for my grandson out of walnut and walnut burl. I cut all the molding on my router table and I wanted to put all the trim on with no nail holes. I used Titebond III and CA glue. On each piece of trim I carefully applied the Titebond and left a few "openings" to...
  6. UncleJoe

    Bloxygen results

    A couple of years ago I read about or saw a youtube video about this stuff called bloxygen. It is supposed to be an aerosol gas that is heavier than air/oxygen and you spray some into a can of finish before sealing it up to protect the unused finish from going bad. The heavy gas is supposed to...
  7. UncleJoe

    Basement Shop

    I am retiring in a couple of months and we just purchased a home to be closer to my daughter and the grand kids. It is only about 45 miles north of our current home but closer to the grand kids so my wife is happy. I currently have a 600 sqft out building that has served as my shop for the...
  8. UncleJoe

    Ultimate Tool Stand improvements

    After much research I am considering building a modified version of the Ultimate tool stand. ( I know several users here have built the tool stand and have been using it for years. What would you do differently or add to it make it...
  9. UncleJoe

    looking for source for hardwood in East NC

    Great forum, I am really enjoying it. I live in New Bern NC and would like to find a good source for furniture grade hardwood. Anyone know a good dealer.

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