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  1. DWSmith

    Grizzly 10% Coupon

    Received a coupon good for 10% off an order from Grizzly, good until 1/31/19. If anyone wants the code let me know.
  2. DWSmith

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is?

    I haven't been able to reply for a few days, life has prevented that. Thanks to Charlottend for the offer of help. I will be happy to accept it, please reply by PM and we can get started. Good post Jeff! Not offensive, no matter what anyone says!
  3. DWSmith

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is?

    Ah! I know. Just hate to put all that work into something and have some boor copy it and use it as if he created it. Even copied the "Board Butter" name I created but doesn't have a product in his line up like that. EDIT: I did send an email to the email address he published and haven't...
  4. DWSmith

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is?

    Thank you. I found out the name and address but was curious if anyone here knew the person. Looks like he stole/copied/plagiarized the FAQ I wrote while I was the owner of The BoardSMITH and is now using it as his own complete with a trade name I originated.
  5. DWSmith

    Does Anyone Know Who This Is?

    Does anyone know who is behind Curious. Looks like he lifted most of the FAQ I created and sent to the new owner along with some other things. Looks like the offending person is in Hickory.
  6. DWSmith

    Greensboro Lunch Bunch meets this Thursday

    I hope to make it, if everything still goes as planned.
  7. DWSmith

    Engraving for Cutting Boards

    I have been away for to long and after replying to a PM decided to scan the forums. Saw your post and wanted to say hello and hope that the business is thriving. If you need any help, I am available. Still quite lame with the right hand but would at least like to see your shop and products.
  8. DWSmith

    Larry Kirk is Back at it AGAIN

    I the last two weeks I have been getting the emails from Larry Kirk about his woodworking plans. He claims I subscribed in a Google woodworking group. Tried to unsubscribe twice today and the second attempt worked.
  9. DWSmith

    Scott Smith to the Rescue!

    Read the article this morning in the surgery office while I was waiting for more back injections. Good to see a find tree saved for future use and not occupy a landfill needlessly. Good work Scott.
  10. DWSmith

    Tools Available on Saturday Feb 20

    Appears as though the interest has reduced to the point of no interest. The balance of the tools, other than what has been spoken for, will go on Craigs List tomorrow.
  11. DWSmith

    Tools Available on Saturday Feb 20

    All tools will remain here and available until 2/28. The balance will be advertised on Craigs List. Some tools have been spoken for and will be saved until picked up.
  12. DWSmith

    Tools Available on Saturday Feb 20

    Re: Tools Available on Feb 20 Available starting tomorrow: Bosch 1267D 4 x 24 Belt Sander (2) $50 each. (1 needs brushes) $50 each Ryobi 7” Polisher w/wool bonnet $35 Makita 3601B D-Handle ½” Router $50 P/C 505 ½ Sheet Sander $65 Bosch 1609 AK Trim Router Kit w/Metal...
  13. DWSmith

    Tools Available on Saturday Feb 20

    When I closed The BoardSMITH last June, I auctioned off all the large equipment and kept the smaller tools thinking that someday I would either start a new project or get back to some sort of woodworking again. Life has simply got in the way and I can honestly say I have no way to ever start...
  14. DWSmith

    Small split in butcher block. Not sure what to do next.

    It ain't going to get any better. Once the poor glue joint starts to crack, meaning the low quality glue used is drying to powder, it will continue to expand. After building cutting boards for 25 plus years as The BoardSMITH for the last 10, I can tell you the only options are to take it back...
  15. DWSmith

    Change of Name

    Thank you Ken and Scott for the help. I should have done this lomg ago but life just gets in the way sometimes. And thank you Mike.
  16. DWSmith

    Change of Name

    Thank you Scott for the prompt help. I should have asked a long time ago but life just keeps getting in the way. I believe I can go into the setting section to change the email and other references to the old name. Thanks again.
  17. DWSmith

    Change of Name

    Since I sold my business in June, I am no longer associated with the name than shows up in the posts I make. The BoardSMITH name now belongs to the new owner in Dallas, TX and I would like to change the name on my posts to DWSmith. Can I do this or is this something a moderator has to do?
  18. DWSmith

    Progress on shop

    Imagine how heavy it was before we trimmed it and sanded it down to the thickness. Good exercise?!
  19. DWSmith

    What is the best jig saw?

    A Bosch engineer working in Switzerland invented the jig saw when he took his wife's sewing machine and attached a blade to it in 1947. (That is the official story from the Bosch corporate offices in Germany. I believe there is a photo in Germany.) All the other jig saws on the market are...
  20. DWSmith

    Greensboro lunch this Thursday

    Just sayin'..... If you ever thought about joining the Thursday group for a lunch, this Thursday will be the day. Not only will Mike dig out some rusty money for a new face or two but I believe Santa might actually show up. Why not come out and meet and greet to see what the group is all...

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