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  1. Douglas Robinson

    Need a Plumber/Gas line expert recommendation in Raleigh

    I need to have the gas outlet for my stove moved or reconfigured. Does anyone have a professional they can recommend? Thanks, Doug
  2. Douglas Robinson

    Life Update

    Hey everyone. I have been absent for a while and a lot has happened: We moved to a smaller house in Raleigh; My father, FIL and MIL now live with us!; I was laid off last week (now looking for a new job); And I finally started working in my shop!! I am building a wall of CD and DVD storage...
  3. Douglas Robinson

    Scroll saw pics for Ed

    Ed: Here some pictures of the Hawk Scroll saw for you and your wife. I will send you a private message. Doug
  4. Douglas Robinson

    New shop Progressing

    I expect I will be ready for the 12/7 Raleigh Shop Crawl! I have been hard at work building it out. I tore apart my Festool cart and made two separate units that support my CMS. It has a hidden trough inn the back of one of the units for the Festool tracks. I built rolling storage under my...
  5. Douglas Robinson

    JDS AIr-Tech 750-ER Filter for sale

    I have a JDS Air-Tech 750-ER with Remote for sale. My new shop already has an air filter, so I am selling this one. Asking $200.
  6. Douglas Robinson

    14 cast iron Delta Bandsaw

    I am selling my 14" Delta Bandsaw. I have owned it for about 14 years. I have extra blades as well. Asking $400.
  7. Douglas Robinson

    Jet Lathe Electrical issue

    I moved my lathe into my new shop and regardless of which outlet I plug it into, when I turn it on the breaker in the GFI goes off. Anyone have nay idea what is happening, or where the short might be?
  8. Douglas Robinson

    Help Moving Tools From Storage

    I know it is short notice, but I could use some help moving some tools, cabinets and workbench pieces from storage to my garage. I plan on renting a truck with a lift-gate. I would like to try today, because I am busy the next two weekends. All of this is in North Raleigh. Anyone? Thanks, Doug
  9. Douglas Robinson

    Need an Electrician and Plumber in the Raleigh Area

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good electrician and a good plumber in the Raleigh area? Thanks. Doug
  10. Douglas Robinson

    Moving/New Shop

    Following up my post from a few months ago, (Thank you Bas for helping store my machines!) we have sold our house and have to b out on November 1. We made an offer on a new house, still in Raleigh, and I will have a basement shop! While it has a lower ceiling, it has a lot more floor space...
  11. Douglas Robinson

    Tentative Request for help moving tools to Storage

    Hello Everyone. We put our house on the market today! Our goal is to move to the other side of Raleigh (We live in Wakefield Plantation near Wake Forest). I have a one-car garage shop,but I need to move the bulk of my tools to storage. I hope to leave my Table Saw, Lathe and Dust Collection in...
  12. Douglas Robinson

    Seeking Moving Advice

    My wife and I hope to put our house on the market by the end of August. We hope to move to the Cary or Chapel Hill area, where I hope to build a new shop. I am seeking advice regarding moving my tools/wood/everything shop related. Has anyone used a Pod to do this? If so any advice? Is there a...
  13. Douglas Robinson

    Auction in Raleigh Closing today

    IRS Auctions has an auction closing today in Raleigh. There are a lot of items, from BIG machines to hand tools. You will have to register which I think costs $1.00. There is a 15% fee on top of your winning bid. I have no affiliation with irsauctions, but I do follow them.. Here is a link...
  14. Douglas Robinson

    Solid Wood Entry Door

    I want to replace the entry door to my home. It is typical 36" x 80"x 1.75". I want a solid 6-panel wood door with no windows. Anyone have a suggestion where to buy one in the Raleigh area? HD and Lowes are terrible for this.
  15. Douglas Robinson

    Questions from the Picnic

    I had a great time seeing old friends at the picnic. Thanks to all you helped with it. Great job! I have two questions that arose during conversation: 1. Who has the friendship pen? This is a pen I think Dave O made was passed from one member to another. 2. Where is the Goodwill Lathe...
  16. Douglas Robinson

    My Shop

    If you remember way back to the first shop crawl then you know my shop. It is nothing special as there were other more admirable shops on that tour. It is a 12 x 20 stall of a three car garage. There are pics of the construction in my gallery. I have 220v near the front of the shop and regular...
  17. Douglas Robinson

    Shop cleaning/organizing

    I made the first additions to my tool collection in a long time at DaveO's and Woodguy1975's. After bring my most small to medium size items home, I knew I had to clean and organize the shop. As some of you know, my shop is small (22 x 12). I spent 7 hours today cleaning. I moved my...
  18. Douglas Robinson

    Third Free Item: Delta Tenoning Jig

    The last item I found while sorting through my shop is a Delta Tenoning jig. It needs a new plastic handle but is otherwise in fine condition. If you want it, PM to make arrangements to come get it. Like the other items a simple donation to NCWW is all I ask. I am in North Raleigh near Wake...
  19. Douglas Robinson

    Second Ryobiu Set

    The second set of items I want to pass along is a 14.4V Ryobi cordless drill and flashlight with 3 batteries and one charger. Not Sure all batteries are good. I am in North Raleigh near Wake Forest and you must come and get it. Send me a PM
  20. Douglas Robinson

    Ryobi Cordless tools free with a donation to NCWW

    I have been sorting through my shop and found some items I want to pass along. They will cost you nothing, I just ask that you make a donation to NCWW. The first item is an 18V Ryobi cordless drill and flashlight with 2 batteries and two chargers. I am in North Raleigh near Wake Forest and you...

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