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  1. creasman

    Steve Latta video on Federal-style inlay

    Came across this YouTube video recently of Steve Latta speaking at Yale University Art Gallery on the subject of Federal-period furniture inlays (Sept, 2019). It's really interesting and instructive if you're interested in that sort of woodworking.
  2. creasman

    Preserving sharp edges

    A lot of my tools don't get used frequently, which means they may sit for a while after I've sharpened them since I tend to save up and sharpen them in batch. That gives the fresh edges a chance to rust or get nicked laying in a drawer. Some time ago I started doing this to keep the edges...
  3. creasman

    Shooting board

    I finally got around to making a shooting board. This is a shop accessory that's been on my list for some time. With no shortage of plans available I downloaded the ones from Lie-Nielsen, then combined some ideas from other sites. I ended up with a base that has a 1/4" high-density plastic...
  4. creasman

    Source for maker's stamp?

    I've been thinking of having a maker's/owner's stamp made to customize some of my tools. Does anyone know of a good source for these? I've looked at a few places online. I really just want something simple -- first initial and last name. Would be nice to find a local blacksmith with the...
  5. creasman

    Using the Stanley 12 1/2 Veneer Scraper

    In a previous thread (here) I posted about using my Stanley 112 scraper plane to smooth a veneered surface. Seems Stanley had a lengthy fascination with how to improve the humble scraper. Prior to the 112 they had a line of veneer scrapers, beginning with the Stanley 12 (guessing they saw the...
  6. creasman

    Not a tool I frequently use (but will be pulling out more frequently)

    I've gotten more into doing veneer work lately. I saw my own on the bandsaw using a 3/4" carbide tooth blade. It works very well at slicing thin sheets from fairly wide stock, leaving a relatively smooth cut. However, it's not finish quality like you might expect from the store-bought...
  7. creasman

    Seeking ideas for table saw out feed table

    I plan to build an out feed table for my table saw. The half-sheet of MDF across a saw horse just doesn't do it for me any more. The table part is simple enough, but what I'm really interested in is the space under the table. I would like to see how others are using this space. Please post...
  8. creasman

    One thing leads to another (Final pictures)...

    Disclaimer: This is a long post detailing the adventures of one who simply followed the next idea. A few years ago I decided it was time to build myself a real work bench. I did my research, collected ideas that I liked and eventually drew detailed plans of what I would build. Somewhere...
  9. creasman

    Federal Card Table -- Finished Pictures

    I finally finished the Federal-style card table I've been working on for some time. This has been a fascinating journey. Learned a lot of new skills and made/acquired several new tools along the way. I've posted a couple of times when it was still a work in progress. Here is the finished table.
  10. creasman

    Freud Carbide Tipped Router Bits, Door System for sale -- $80

    I'm selling a set of Freud router bits for making raised panel doors. They are in very good condition. I live in the Apex/Cary/Holly Springs area. Please PM if interested.
  11. creasman

    Making progress on Federal Card Table

    In September I wrote an article on making sand-shaded fan inlays that I planned to use in a Federal-style card table (Post | Over the holidays I've made a lot of progress, including finally getting the inlayed into the table legs. Here's a few pictures of how it's coming...
  12. creasman

    Tea table

    My work place commissioned a door prize for the upcoming holiday party. I took a break from my current project to make this small tea table. It's made from cherry and finished with garnet shellac. The pattern is from an 18th century piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  13. creasman

    Estate sale finds

    I hit the jackpot at an estate sale today by acquiring some fine old tools -- mostly hand planes. This will keep me busy for a while getting all these sharpened and ready to use and/or resell. Some are in pretty rough shape and not really salvageable (especially a few of the planes). Others...
  14. creasman

    Inlay Tools

    I just finished making some inlay tools I plan to use on an upcoming project. The first picture shows the two sets of specialized gouges for inlaying the football shapes you see between each pair of gouges. One gouge is beveled on the inside of the curve and is used for marking the cavity...
  15. creasman

    Tools for inlay work

    I'm interested in doing some inlay work and am curious about what sort of traditional tools were used for cutting the fine grooves that are required for the banding (curved and straight). I made a scratch stock that does a good job of cutting a 1/16" wide groove that is parallel to an edge...

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