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  1. novice99

    Any Tips on Turning with Carbide Insert Tools?

    Well I've taken the plunge and brought home a new shiny spinny thing! (I know no pics it didn't happen, but I'm not interested in a stealth gloat). I have turned some small things on friends' lathes through the years but always with HSS tools. I decided to get my first set of tools with...
  2. novice99

    Performax 16-32 Plus Price

    I have the opportunity to pick-up a Performax 16-32 Plus roughly 10years old from a cabinet shop going out of business which appears to have been well cared for and in good condition. $650 seems like a fair price, but wanted to get opinions from those who may have bought one used. Thanks for...
  3. novice99

    Late Christmas (Kinda) gloat with lots of ?s

    Picked this PM66 up off CL back in November after a cabinet maker closed down his shop, but haven't had time to clean or tune it up until my days off after Christmas. As you can see it is mounted on my 'universal base' and is a much bigger/better machine than what it is replacing. As I am...
  4. novice99

    Upgrade Fence or New TS

    as a relative newbie infected with the woodguy's disease, I am hungry to do more fine work (cabinetry, small boxes). I have an entry level TS which has served me well so far, other than all of the work to ensure that my fence is truly parallel to the blade. Any recommendations on upgrading my...

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