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  1. J

    Opinion Request on planner

    I have one and love it. No problems at all. I was able to get it nearly brand new from a friend for $300 two years ago.
  2. J

    Getting Burn Marks From Table Saw

    I soak my blade for 15-30 minutes in a metal tray with water and baking soda. Then I scrub off the gunk, spray the blade down and let it dry before using it again. This thread has reminded me that I need to do that again.
  3. J

    SawStop Questions

    I like the sound of this... would you be willing to post or send me a picture of your setup? Thanks for all the information thus far..... has anyone purchased the upgrade cast iron wings to replace the steel wings? Thoughts?
  4. J

    SawStop Questions

    It has been decided that I am going to introduce a SawStop into my woodworking. There are a ton of options out there for add on components etc. I am not going to do 220 for a variety of reasons at this time. I am leaning towards the contractor series saws and am leaning towards the 36" model so...
  5. J

    Benchtop Drill Press

    Thanks for all of the responses. I feel much more educated moving forward with making a decision at the right time.
  6. J

    Benchtop Drill Press

    Awesome information. Thank you! Is there a brand or maker that is known for quality or equally important, known to be garbage?
  7. J

    Benchtop Drill Press

    Now that I have my storage taken care of in my shop (see previous thread from today) I am looking at adding a benchtop drill press. I do not have room for a floor press. It would be in a fairly static location, but I would like to be able to move it around if need be. I would like to get a...
  8. J

    Shop Cabinets

    You are correct
  9. J

    Shop Cabinets

    Birch Veneer Plywood for the drawer fronts and doors. Top was just sanded pine plywood. Trimmed in Red Oak. I tried to keep the cost down on materials since they are just shop cabinets. The stretchers are dadoed and rabbetted into the cabinet sides. Helped tremendously with accuracy during...
  10. J

    SawStop: Thank You!

    Glad that you are okay. I will be showing this thread to the wife at a date and time to be determined about upgrading to a SawStop. I have yet to hear about someone who was unhappy that they took the plunge and bought one.
  11. J

    Shop Cabinets

    So I just finished making cabinets for the shop area of my garage. This is my second attempt at making cabinets and the first attempt at frameless and built in cabinets. I wanted to take a practice run at making cabinets for the kitchen in response to my wife's not so subtle hints. I am...
  12. J

    Update - How do I do this?

    Looks awesome. I remember when I did mine and it cost me around $800 (new hardware and light included). I showed the before and after photos to my realtor and he said that the paint job alone easily would add $15K in list price if I was trying to sell.
  13. J

    Back at Woodworking -Project Finished

  14. J

    Material for curved dashboard

    Clicked on the link out of sheer curiosity..... they sell 3 ply down to 1/64" thickness. Can't explain it, but I just think that is awesome.
  15. J

    drip groove in cutting board

    Core box bit in router. I place the cutting board on a piece of MDF and screw a fence with spaceers into the MDF, locking the board into place. I put a full span spacer block between the fence and the board depending on where the blood groove is going to go to account for the distance between...
  16. J

    Edge Pro Sharpening System

    Does anyone use or have any experience with the Edge Pro Apex knife sharpening system? I am considering upgrading to this system from my Lansky system, but I'm not sure that the result will be worth the price. My research shows that the Edge Pro system is superior, but I wanted to see if anyone...
  17. J

    Looking for ideas She won't need it now, but these are awesome for corralling toddlers who want to...
  18. J

    Granite lab table - $125 (castle hayne)

    Hahaha. Hilarious
  19. J

    Update - How do I do this?

    I did the same with my stained kitchen cabinets. After two days of sanding, I sprayed two coats of Original Kilz (oil) primer and then two coats of Benjamin Moore Advance Satin in "White Dove." It was an irritating but cost effective project. The BM Advance requires a full day between coats...
  20. J

    Finishing poplar

    +1 for Milk Paint

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