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    Sound system..?

    Old Marantz receiver with a pair of Jamo speakers. Always on talk radio, and the iPhone hook up.
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    Adirondack Chairs

    Whatever works. Just a good deck screw.
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    Adirondack Chairs

    Here you go guys: Adirondack Chair & Table Just make sure that you take your time making the patterns. Once you get it all done making a set for someone else is a snap. I made additional templates that are not on the plans to help center the screws on the arms and a square template to lay out...
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    Adirondack Chairs

    Personal use for now would like to sell them in the future.
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    Adirondack Chairs

    North Carolina Lumber Supply in Wendell. I got most of the wood for my shop form them. Dirt cheap prices. They get seconds form the mills. The cypress is .85 cents per linear ft for a 1x8x16.
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    Adirondack Chairs

    The footstool does not get in the way. Just slide it out of the way and you are good to go. It is very light.
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    Adirondack Chairs

    Found a good source for cypress. Got around to making a couple more chairs for the deck.
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    quick poll

    Just built the big shop and am starting to get jobs. Semi pro for now.
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    Shop Build

    Finally got around to getting the ceiling done with spray foam. What a difference that makes. Before the ceiling got to 120 degrees, now never over 85. I will cover the foam down the road. Haven't figured that out yet. The mini split is on the way. Should be nice and cool finally.
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    Floating Cabinet

    The mounting system is a french cleat that runs the length of the middle section. Worked out real nice.
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    Floating Cabinet

    Finally got around to cleaning up all the wires underneath the TV.
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    Seeking advice before possible purchase of Festool RO 125

    I switched to the Festool sanders a few years ago. What a difference. I have the RO90Dx and the ETS150-5. Both are excellent especially with the dust collection system. They make sanding easy and so much faster. You can't go wrong.
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    Remote Start or Switch on Wall etc. for Dust Collection.

    I use the Long Ranger with the remote for my Harbor Freight dust collector that is 2 hp. No problems at all.
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    Automatic dust collection

    I have my table saw and planer connected to one blower hooked up to the Long ranger system with wired blast gates with contact switches.. Just open the gate and the collector turns on. The router table, band saws lathe and sanding machines are all plumbed with the rockler quick connect system...
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    Wanted to Buy

    Currently looking for 110 Long Ranger remote blast gate controller by Pennstate. It is the one that you hook up the gates to the controller with a wire, and contact switch. Thanks
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    Upcoming Estate Auction

    Went both days. Sunday was the day to be there. Picked up the dust collector and the 12 in sander for song. Less that 1/2 price. The sander even came with a nice stand. I did talk to the guy running things and he said that they really deal on Sunday just to clean out everything. JMS Estates...
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    Shop Build

    Still trying to figure out what to do with the ceiling. I am looking at spray foam and covering it with tongue and grove pieces on furring strips leaving a gap to breath with the joists exposed. Anybody got any ideas. Thanks....
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    Shop Build

    The wood stove is made by Bullerjan from Germany. It really does the job.
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    Shop Build

    The dust collection works great. Yes it was a tough installation. Digging on my hands and knees was not fun.
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    Shop Build

    Well I finally have things ready to go. A bit slow over the holidays, the kids were home for a whole month, but now I am done for now. Time to start making furniture.

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