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    Anybody Ever Built a Pocket Hole Machine?

    Thinking about building a pocket hole machine. There are two types, drill, based upon Kreg Foreman, and router, similar to Castle 100. I'm leaning towards router based. ShopNotes (issue 42) had such a machine. Woodsmith's weekly tips recently featured this machine. Unfortunately, you have to...
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    Fifty Foot 12-3 Drop Cord $29.99

    Northern Tool has their Prime 50', 12-3 drop cords on sale for $29.99 thru 8-22. Good price on a 50 foot drop cord.
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    Just Plain STUPID - Lowes

    Went into local Lowes this afternoon to buy an exterior door lock (keyed entry.) Needed to get four extra keys, besides the two that comes with lock. Customer no service person told me first I had to buy lock, pay for it, then come back, and they would cut my keys, which would I have of go thru...
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    SawStop 52" Rails and Tube for Trade

    Recently, I was given a set of rails and tube from a SawStop 52" fence. Eventully, I'm planning (no time soon) to cut them down. If someone needs the 52" rails and tube, I'm willing to trade for shorter set. If you are ordering a SawStop, and need them, we can work something out.
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    Sharpening a File With Vinegar - Cuts Like A New Black Diamond!

    I have a Nichilson BD 12" file that is all most 50 years old. It has been used to sharpen all kinds of things, bush axes, axes, lawn mower blades, etc over the years. Saturday went to use it to sharpen lopping shears, and it just wouldn't. So Saturday night and Sunday, it spent the day in a bath...
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    Stanley Brace $4.00

    Was in Apex Habitat Restore today, and saw Stanley drill brace for four bucks. Because it had been there over a month, there is a discount applied to purchase price
  7. J

    I'm Going To Need Some Sunglasses

    Thinking about upgrading lights in shop from T-8's to LED's. Went by HF last week and bought one of their 5000L hanging shop lights($19.99). As bright as it is, I may have to wear sunglasses in the shop
  8. J

    Ridgid 12V, Palm Impact Driver $56.00

    HD is clearaancing their 12V Palm impact driver. Price $56.00. Kit includes driver, charger, and one battery, all of which can be covered by their Lifetime Service Agreement (LSA.) You HAVE TO REGISTER for the LSA, which can be done online. Be sure and print out a copy for your files, as Ridgid...
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    IWF 2020 Canceled Due to Covid19

    Yesterday, word went out to the vendors that IWF is canceled for 2020.
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    Seasonal Spigots

    Over the years, I have installed several for my customers. You wonder what is a seasonal spigot? When houses/ condos/ townhouses are built, the builder or plumber picks the location of the outside spigots. Later, the location can become a PITA to use. As an example, had a customer (80+ years...
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    Lubing the Lawn Mower

    We all know to change the oil, air filter, and spark plug on our lawn mowers. But how many lube the wheels on the mower, especially a push mower? I know some of you have Zoom Fire V-8, 900 HP, 96" cut riding mower, AM/FM radio, air conditioned, noise canceling cab, but for those who still have...
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    The American Woodshop

    While I think The American Woodshop is an infomercial for Woodcraft, there are some good ideas and techniques shown. Back episodes are available online for free. Googe "American Woodshop, or go to . You can do the same thing for Ask This Old House. Helps to pass the...
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    Heat Yesterday, AC Today

    Yesterday morning temp in shop was 50 degrees, so I turned heat on for about a half hour. Today shop was mid sixties, but humid, so I turned the AC on. Ahh Spring!
  14. J

    Storage for a Planner

    One of our members needs some help. He wants to buy a planner that is in NC, but he is in Canada till June. He needs someone to pick up planner and store it till June. Look in the Pony Express forum for details
  15. J

    Drill Bit Sharpening

    First, I know someone will chime in that they sharpen them by hand. But that's not a skill I have, and based upon experience never will. I own both a Drill Doctor (model 750, not 750X) and a General / Craftsman that uses side of the wheel to do sharpenijng. The DD produces great looking bits...
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    Band Saw Mills in Action - Southern Farm Show Feb 5th - 7th

    The Southern Farm Show returns to the NC State Fairgrounds Feb 5 - 7. Woodmizer and a couple vendors usually have mills set and sawing. Plus there is an AMAZING assortment of farm equipment. Free parking and admission. Check web site for exact details.
  17. J

    30 K Mister Heater Wall Mount Heater Propane $169.99

    Northern has the Mister Heater wall mounted propane heater on clearance for $169.99, with FREE shipping
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    Bearing Drivers

    Most directions say to use a piece of pipe to drive bearings. This is great if you happen to have a piece of pipe the right size to fit outter race of bearing. I prefer to use a socket, but having the right size can be a problem. Agrisupply in Garner sells King Tony sockets for around five bucks...
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    630 Rockwell Router - Now She Purrs Like a Kitten

    I own a Rockwell (pre Porter Cable) 630 router, which needed a bottom bearing. This isn't he more common 6202 bearing, but one with an extended center. Looking at a well know vendor's web site bearing is $42 + shipping. Looking on Ebay same bearing was less than $18 delivered. Ordered one on...
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    This Deal Keeps Getting Worse!!!

    In another post, I told how the Battery Minder was on sale for $17.99 one month, and $29.99 the following month. Well the deal just got worse. In today's mail was Northern Sales catalogue, with same Battery Minder is now on sale for $39.99, plus shipping. Makes me glad I bought one for $17.99...

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