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    Hollow chisel morticing bits

    Looking to buy some decent sets. I have some cheap ones that dull after one hole. Looking for source for quality Rc50+ hardness.
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    Benchtop hollow Chisel limits

    Can a benchtop model handle a 3/4" chisel?. Am using an old delta 17" floor DP, with 1/2 and 5/8 chisels. Would like to use just a 3/4" chisel saves a lot of resetting, thanks.
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    Tenons on 12" sliding miter saw

    Looking at dewalt 12" sliding miter saw, for cutting tenons on long aprons etc., like oak and SYP. Usually done on TS with/without dado blades. These long boards can be heavy and dangerous. Any thoughts on this, Miter saw looks sooo much easier, but $$$$.
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    Tapering table legs on bench jointer

    Have a 8" cutech bench jointer, carbide teeth, and works very well. Working on a table with 3 1/2" square legs 29" long, and want to taper two sides down to 2" at bottom of feet. Taper will start 7" from top of leg. watched a couple of utube videos already. looking for more info before I start...
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    Pallet tool

    I found some decent hardwood pallets. Thinking about some shelves and drawers. Looking for a 'double pallet buster' that won't break the wood boards. Does anyone have recommendations for this.
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    Rough sawn lumber near Brunswick county

    Looking for rough sawn lumber near Brunswick county. Need oak and cypress around a few hundred board feet. Rather not travel 3 hours up to raliegh area to get some.
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    Quiet cyclone dust collector

    Planning on getting a 1 1/2 hp cyclone. Most of these are advertised as 80-85 dab ratings. Are these numbers factual or junk. I'm looking at a grizzly model G0777 rated at 70-72 db, but $$$$. Any ideas or am I going to be disappointed.
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    Grizzly G0889Z or Cutech 40200HC-CT 13" planers

    Does anyone have these planers?. Looking for bench type with carbide inserts, grizzly is a true spiral but cutech is a spiral type. Both should work well on hardwoods for me. Looking for pros & cons from actual users. The internet is full of dubious reviews, who to believe? thanks
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    Cutech jointer coupon

    Looking to buy an 8" spiral insert jointer from cutech, does anyone have a coupon they want to let go?
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    6" bench top jointer

    Looking fo a 6" bench top jointer due to space issues. Preference will be spiral carbide inserts for cutting oak and cast iron table/fence for durability. Checking the internet gives me many reviews but seems most of the sites have their own agenda. Does anyone have first hand experience with...
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    Pine tar finish for outdoor furniture

    Will be making some outdoor benches etc.. Lots of finishes out there, but all require yearly maintenance. Will be used down on the coast in Shallotte, nc.. Intercoastal waterway with hot summers + mucho humidity along with cold damp winters. Wood will be cypress or cedar. 50/50 mix of boiled...
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    Dust collection question

    Have a 10" craftsman table saw, 10" dewalt chop saw, future 15" grizz helicle planer, future 8" jointer. Probably too much for the 5 gallon bucket dust collector setups. Will probably go with a fixt cyclone setup with overhead pipes and blast drop downs. All these will be within 20' square area...
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    Mortise & tendon style bed plans

    Was watching the history channel the other day and they showed eustace Conway making what appears to be a locking mortise & tendon style heavy duty bed frame that can be knocked down. Does anyone have information on this style Or where I can buy a set of plans. It showed very nice jointary...
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    Getting wood for projects

    Will be retiring next year and planning ahead. im going to make farm tables outside furniture and workbenches(RUBO) style for all my children. Lots of large size wood, I like white oak and cypress for outside. The issue is cost of wood, buying dried planned is costly, but not much work. Finding...

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