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    New Shop - Build Pictures

    One thing you might consider is putting in a couple Sola-Tubes for daylight. They work in our house for the pantry and bathroom. On a sunny day, it's like you have a 100w bulb in the ceiling. Unlike sky-lights, they don't leak. Roy G
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    Babbitt work near Whitsett, NC

    Are the bearing shells removable from the jointer or are they part of the main casting? Is the jointer direct drive? If you elect to do it yourself, save the old babbitt to re-use. Roy G
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    What chisels/gouges should i acquire?

    Cody, get a chuck that uses an insert for your lathe's spindle. That way if you get a different lathe you can exchange inserts and keep the chuck. I have had good luck with Oneway chucks. The Vicmarc chuck I had rusted up pretty badly. Roy G
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    Any idea

    Go ahead and sharpen something on it and see how the tool performs. Sometimes we tend to go above what is necessary for sharpening. Roy G
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    Has anyone switched to metric?

    I wonder if the guys who worked on the Mars lander that crashed were woodworkers and got their units mixed up. Roy G
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    Advise for beginners

    Look around for classes. The Craft Center at NC State used to have a class for beginners to show how to use the tools. Maybe a community college has something. Read a lot of books to see how things should be built. Haunt Youtube. Don't be afraid of stretching your abilities to try something...
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    Kitchen design using 2020

    Does this kitchen have a separate pantry? Got to put the Cap'n Crunch somewhere. Roy G
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    Want your reviews on Rockler 45° Lock Miter Router Bits - 1/2'' Shank

    I assume you have to adjust the bit so the fence is in the right place so the two pieces of wood are cut complementary to each other, so the joint is tight and at 90 degrees. Can you incrementally move the fence to expose more of the bit to cut down on the kick-back? I do this when I am...
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    Traveling Trailers

    Tonika, do you do anything other than pens? I'm asking because I have some thicker scraps like 1 1/2" or 2" thick that would be good for bottle stoppers, etc. Roy G
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    Thickness Planer - $125 (Wilmington)

    And price a 2 hp motor. That price for planer, motor and starter is outstanding. Roy G
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    What chisels/gouges should i acquire?

    Cody, you could go to the AAW site and see if there is a local group of turners in your area. There was a group in Hickory at one time. Anyway, the way to get good at turning is to turn. Practice, practice, practice. Try different woods. Look at the YouTube videos to get ideas. Good luck...
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    Machine cleaning & waxing

    My shop is a barn, so rust is constantly lurking. I made covers out of plywood for my bandsaw, tablesaw and jointer. Easy to remove and replace and no rust problems. Roy G
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    Router table router died

    Martin, I have the Makita that is like your Hitachi. It also does not have variable speed, but MLCS sold a variable speed device that works up to 15 amps. I use it when I am doing raised panels with those big router bits. Roy G
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    Drawer dividers

    Steve's design and final project may be fine, but his technique for cutting dadoes on his table saw leaves a lot to be desired. That little finger holding down the wood being cut. Ouch. Roy G
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    Cold forming plywood question

    What was the original piece made out of? Was it a plywood or solid? I know the interior of a car varies greatly in temp but how strong does this replacement need to be? Roy G
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    Sharpening a File With Vinegar - Cuts Like A New Black Diamond!

    Bruce, that looks like something I might have to try. I have quite the collection of older files that don't cut like they should. Thanks for the tip. Roy G
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    Need a Plumber/Gas line expert recommendation in Raleigh

    Doug, when we got our new stove with a gas cook top, the deliverers put in the gas line from our LP tank. We had already had gas logs hooked up to the tank, and they got the stove connected no problems. Maybe you could ask at an appliance store if they could accommodate you. Roy G
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    Ridgid warrantee made useless

    Ooh, let me tell you about my Powermatic 3520A. I bought this back in early 2000's sometime and thought I was set for life. Heavy duty, smooth running, came with live center and adjustable feet. Went to buy a chuck and tried to put it on the spindle. Wouldn't go. Took the lathe faceplate to...
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    Johnny Walker new "Bottle"

    Whatever reason they are talking about wood bottles, NC is already losing forests for conversion to wood chips to ship off to Europe for power generation. They are claiming this is use of sustainable fuel, but NC is losing a lot of forests now and need years for re-growth. And glass is silica...
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    For Sale - Powermatic 3520b lathe with outboard turning extension

    Mount Ulla is between Mooresville and Salisbury. South of Statesville, so not too far west. Roy G

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