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    Bees wax

    I use beeswax on the soles of my planes while using them. I have had no problems with it affecting the finish. I suspect it is all gone by the time I cut the last shavings. I don't try to apply a uniform coating, I just squiggle it on before and during use. I don't see how it could possibly...
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    Forum Access

    Things happen. not a biggie.
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    Cruiser Skateboard Deck

    I was told they discontinued the door skins because they couldn't find a supplier who made them from a supply of sustainable wood.
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    Old 'Arn' Machines

    It's much easier to weld something like that if you clamp all the parts in the correct locations before you weld.
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    Laser engravers

    I have a 40 watt Epilog Legend. It engraves up to about 1/8" deep and cuts up to about 1/8" plywood and 1/4" pine. I haven't used it for six months or so, due to health issues, but when I did, I made some really nice signs by engraving the background and cutting out letters to glue in the...
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    Copyrighted materials

    I once went to the Library of Congress looking for a book. There were copy machines around every corner. I copied the entire thing at 10 cents a page.
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    Handling or Adjusting for Run Out

    I have done something similar to what you are doing. I have the same lathe and I bought what is called a "screw center". It is a #2 MT with a screw on the other end. Sears sells them for around $6. I put it in the spindle and drill a hole in a small piece of wood and screw it on. Then...
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    Ridgid Spindle Sander EB4424

    I don't use it much for balsa, but I use it a lot for odd shaped firewalls, other plywood parts and rib templates.
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    Penn State Cyclones

    I have the 1425 and haven't had any problems with it. I mounted it on the wall by myself and it is VERY heavy. I had to put an eyebolt in the ceiling to winch it up to the mount. I also had to drill additional holes between the two housing assemblies to get the intake and exhaust rotated to...
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    Ridgid Spindle Sander EB4424

    I have two of them, one in Florida and one in North Carolina. I use them mostly with the belt attachment. I haven't seen any other sander in this price range that does what this sander will do. Dust collection is reasonably good for a belt sander. I have two minor issues with it. It...
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    Ridgid Spindle Sander EB4424

    Home Depot takes other store's coupons. I just yesterday used a Harbor Freight coupon for 20% off one Item to buy a Ridgid pin nailer.

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