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    Conversion Varnish HVLP

    I just picked up a can of Lenmar Megavar conversion varnish (standard, not high-solids) for refinishing a dining room table top. It will be my first experience with conversion varnish. I'll be spraying it through a Earlex 5500. Can anyone offer pointers for: appropriate thinning (%, lacquer...
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    Removing latex paint but not polyurethane?

    The previous owners of my house watched too much HGTV and fancied themselves painters. As a result, there are tons of paint splatters all over the shoe moulding and floors, which are finished in oil-based poly. Is there some chemical treatment that we can use to soften the latex paint for...
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    Using a jointer without the fence?

    I just picked up a nice little 10" shortbed jointer, like this one (gloat over). While the cutterhead is 10", with the fence installed it has a max capacity of 8". Is it dangerous to face joint a wide board without a fence? Like if one edge wandered off the cutterhead and then wandered back on?
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    What woods are these? Theories of origins of this furniture piece?

    My wife and I bought a vanity this weekend and we're curious about the origins of the piece. It was sold as a Biedermeier-style piece, but it's definitely 20th century (NC lacquer finish, die-cast hardware, plywood) and not a one-off item. I'm interested to know what you think the veneers are...
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    An interesting beech tree

    I saw this American beech in the woods yesterday. The ribbing on the trunk went up probably a good 16', and there must be fantastic flame figuring in that grain. I thought it was neat to see the odd sort of growth that creates the grain figure that we prize, and I think figured beech is...
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    Repair to a "water based clear coat"

    I own two of these armchairs: Truss Chair | Chairs & Gliders | Gus* Modern One got a deep scratch in it, and I'd like to repair the finish. The only info on the mfr website is that it is a water based clear coat finish. I'm guessing this means water based lacquer, not poly since this is a...
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    HELP! Can someone in RDU help me store that planer until June?

    So for those of you following along at home, I'm trying to get this Belsaw planer. I'm a real sucker for a nice OWWM. The issue is that I'm currently in Canada and I won't be back to NC until June. Is there anybody that could pick up the planer and store it for me until then? I'd give you $75...
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    $150 Rockler Gift Card for $130.

    My brother in law got me a very nice $150 gift card to Rockler for Christmas, but there aren't Rockler stores here in Canada, and the shipping + duties are a real killer. Does anyone want to buy this gift card for $130? Payment can be via venmo or paypal, and I'll PM the card to you.
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    Attaching leather to wood.

    I'm looking for adhesive recommendations to attach leather to wood. I was considering either liquid hide glue or epoxy. I have some fairly thick (8oz.) veg tan leather that I want to attach to a curved strip of wood. The contact area will be pretty minimal... the curved strip is be 1/2" by 6"...
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    Trick for re-aligning DP table to same horizontal position?

    I've run into the following problem a few times, and I wonder if anybody has a trick I can use to solve it... My drill press table isn't rack and pinion driven, so it can swivel freely around the column. I want to be able to clamp a workpiece to the table, drill a hole, then move the table...
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    Made a kaleidoscope for my daughter

    Walnut and maple scraps, with a three mirror assembly inside, BLO and beeswax finish.
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    Impressive but unsafe Russian woodturner video.

    While slagging off at work I found this... This guy turns a spherical, lidded bowl in under five minutes, using a crazy looking homemade skew chisel. Never even turns the lathe off. Definitely not a safety how-to video.
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    Need help finding a current riser block kit for an old saw.

    If you have a riser block kit on your bandsaw, please help me out! I'm looking for a riser block kit that will fit a Delta 28-245C bandsaw, built back in the 1990s. The Delta kit isn't available. I'm attaching pictures below. I'm mostly concerned with finding a kit with a matching guide post...
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    Folding camp stool finished.

    This is the end result of making that camp stool I was asking turning advice for. With all the brass on it, it's more of a "glamp" stool haha. It's made out of ash that I ebonized with winemaker's tannin and rust water, with a BLO and beeswax polish. Leatherworking turns out to be pretty fun! I...
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    Pre-drill stock before turning?

    I'm about to build a folding camp stool like this. The legs will be 1 1/4" at the top and taper continuously to 1", and a 5/16" bolt hole will go through each leg in the middle. Because of the taper, it would be much easier if I could drill the holes before turning the legs. Is this safe, or is...
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    Antique 36" Crescent bandsaw... soliciting opinions for purchase

    I don't know much about old arn, I'm not really in the market for a bandsaw, and I certainly don't have the space for this one, but... This beauty popped up in my suggested Kijiji ads, about an hour away from me. It sure does look...
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    Link belts... vibration reduction?

    I'm considering getting a link belt for the lathe I recently rebuilt. The hinged motor I think is causing some slight vibration issues, but I can't change to a fixed motor setup for storage reasons. I've read many conflicting things on the internet about how well link belts work to reduce...
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    Option to banish For Sale from the home page?

    First, thanks for all the great work the webmasters and board are doing to improve the website. Y'all put in a lot of thankless hours I'm sure. Something that was great about the old separate classifieds system is that people's ads didn't clog up the discussion board, particularly on the main...
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    Restored vintage lathe.

    I got tired of making square things, so restored a 1950s Rockwell Beaver 3400 lathe. These lathes were made 20m away from me in Guelph, Ontario. I never heard of them before moving to Canada, but there are tons of them here... probably 1/4 of lathe ads on CL are for these. It's a great little...
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    Jacking up the headstocks and tailstocks on a lathe.

    I ended up buying a nice old Rockwell/Beaver 3400 lathe the other day, manufactured 20 minutes down the road from me in Guelph, Ontario in the late 50s. (Pics of it will be forthcoming after I paint it and replace the bearings.) Anyway, I'm on the hunt for a few parts that are missing, and I...

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