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    Benchtop hollow Chisel limits

    Bought a Rikon mortiser with XY table. Using 5/8" brad point drill then a 3/4" hollow mortice chisel. I have the taytool 1/2" sharpening stones but cannot find one for 3/4 size. Any suggestions?
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    Hollow chisel morticing bits

    Looking to buy some decent sets. I have some cheap ones that dull after one hole. Looking for source for quality Rc50+ hardness.
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    Benchtop hollow Chisel limits

    So basically, use a 3/8 chisel for ease of use, and step over and in to get the length and width. Any recomendations for a bench top model?
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    Benchtop hollow Chisel limits

    Can a benchtop model handle a 3/4" chisel?. Am using an old delta 17" floor DP, with 1/2 and 5/8 chisels. Would like to use just a 3/4" chisel saves a lot of resetting, thanks.
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    Tenons on 12" sliding miter saw

    Looking at dewalt 12" sliding miter saw, for cutting tenons on long aprons etc., like oak and SYP. Usually done on TS with/without dado blades. These long boards can be heavy and dangerous. Any thoughts on this, Miter saw looks sooo much easier, but $$$$.
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    Tapering table legs on bench jointer

    that will make a nice taper jig. What is a decent benchtop bandsaw that has a good fence?
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    Tapering table legs on bench jointer

    Don't have a bandsaw, and that humungas hand plane hurts my whole body just looking at it.... Time for a new toy, bench bandsaw with a decent fence should do it, I can make a taper jig for it. Any suggestions?
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    Tapering table legs on bench jointer

    Tapering a 3 1/2" square leg on a 10" craftsman table saw is iffy in my opinion. I normally taper flat stock with a taper jig on my TS if it is not too thick. just looking for alternatives.
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    Tapering table legs on bench jointer

    Have a 8" cutech bench jointer, carbide teeth, and works very well. Working on a table with 3 1/2" square legs 29" long, and want to taper two sides down to 2" at bottom of feet. Taper will start 7" from top of leg. watched a couple of utube videos already. looking for more info before I start...
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    Pallet tool

    These 2 pallets were from grizzly. Got ultra quit dust collector brand new, one use. Hardwood is 1/2 & 3/4 thick. Too good to pass up
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    Pallet tool

    I found some decent hardwood pallets. Thinking about some shelves and drawers. Looking for a 'double pallet buster' that won't break the wood boards. Does anyone have recommendations for this.
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    Rough sawn lumber near Brunswick county

    What did he have left in stock?
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    Rough sawn lumber near Brunswick county

    Looking for rough sawn lumber near Brunswick county. Need oak and cypress around a few hundred board feet. Rather not travel 3 hours up to raliegh area to get some.
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    Quiet cyclone dust collector

    Planning on getting a 1 1/2 hp cyclone. Most of these are advertised as 80-85 dab ratings. Are these numbers factual or junk. I'm looking at a grizzly model G0777 rated at 70-72 db, but $$$$. Any ideas or am I going to be disappointed.
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    Moisture content in air dried wood

    (A general design approach is to allow for 1/8” movement across the grain for each 12” of flat sawn lumber.) Does stock thickness have any effect. I never knew about the 1/8" movement. What about quatersawn wood?
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    Four Sets of 6" Jorgenson Clamps in Apex

    Was at lowes north myrtle beach this morning, they have 16 sets of these, Jorgensen 6-Pack 6-in 3700 Series Bar Clamp for $21.98. I picked up two sets myself.
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    Grizzly G0889Z or Cutech 40200HC-CT 13" planers

    Does anyone have these planers?. Looking for bench type with carbide inserts, grizzly is a true spiral but cutech is a spiral type. Both should work well on hardwoods for me. Looking for pros & cons from actual users. The internet is full of dubious reviews, who to believe? thanks
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    Cutech jointer coupon

    Looking to buy an 8" spiral insert jointer from cutech, does anyone have a coupon they want to let go?
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    6” Stationary Jointer

    Looking to buy an 8" insert jointer from cutech, does anyone have a coupon they want to let go?
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    6" bench top jointer

    Looking fo a 6" bench top jointer due to space issues. Preference will be spiral carbide inserts for cutting oak and cast iron table/fence for durability. Checking the internet gives me many reviews but seems most of the sites have their own agenda. Does anyone have first hand experience with...

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