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    Corian Sink

    Reading articles about resurfacing an under counter mount Corian sink. Understand the process, curious if anyone here has tried it. Article suggests first using 120, then 180 grit sandpaper[Hook and Loop 5" ROS discs] Then Non Woven Pads 280-400-600 grit.
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    Working on a small halloween project from 1/4 Baltic birch ply. Need to attach small Hinges to the wood for a functioning Lid. With the wood so thin, even the smallest screws are too long. Is there a Glue I might use?
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    Bear, sort of

    This is my first attempt with a Log. 16 inches tall, 6 in diameter, from a tree taken down 2 years ago, Silver Maple, and turned out to be Spalted. I beat the heck of of it, was very hard. Trying different things, not great but I like him.
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    Zinnsser Shellac

    Have a small can of Zinnsser shellac, when I opened it, the cap Popped about 2 feet in the air. This happen to anyone?
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    My first try at a Kuska. Had a few Cherry logs, about 16 inches in diameter, split one into quarters. Some cuts on the bandsaw for shape. The rest was hand work. Used the suggested Beeswax, Mineral oil finish. The piece of cherry it sits on is the outer part of the log.
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    Air Filtration

    Currently whenever I cut, Sand I wear a 3M respirator, along with having power tools hooked to Shop Vac when possible. Looking at 2 air filtration units, for the garage where I hack at wood. Powertec AF4000 3 Spd 2 filters 1/6 HP ShopFox W1830-3 3 Spd 2 filters 1/8 HP Both small units, fit...
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    Gadsen flag

    Took an image of a Gadsen flag and used Oak Ply, wipe on poly, rough sawn oak for frame.
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    Bathroom sink

    Hope this is OK to ask here, after 3 days of snaking out a drain, decided I want to Remove those Dang Popup drain things and replace with stainless steel strainers. If I am on the right track, do I simply unscrew the 'Lever' in the tailpiece, pull Lever out, Remove Popup, then put Lever back...
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    Last Supper

    Black Walnut local milled, Live edge, 7/8" no finish
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    Which Oil

    My boiled Linseed is past using, and want to try another Oil, Mid priced, suggestions? Just for mostly smaller projects I dont make furniture, Thanks.
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    Pattern from picture

    Had a pattern made from a picture of Great Gdson, used Oak ply, frame is red oak, tongue and groove flooring, cut groove ends off
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    Our house is nearing 19 years old, it has some nice moulding around all windows and doors..all White. From time I guess, some spaces are showing, and wondering what to use to Fill with that takes paint?
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    Baltic Birch

    Need a few 12" x 12" good Quality BB. suggestions for Online, tried Rockler , not bad, looking for better quality
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    A Bear for the Daughter...Baltic Birch, 1/4 ply backer sprayed black put 3 coats Wipe on Poly before I started cutting helped prevent liftoff of top layer
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    NY Yankees

    Couple of NY Logos Pine and Cherry
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    Many thanks to NCWW, Jeremy, and Ed Lebetkin[donated the prize] Was fortunate enough to win an old school Moving Fillister plane. Any advice how to loosen/Tighten the wedge and blade? Again thank you.
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    Our daughter makes beautiful quilts, so I saw this on a scrollsaw forum, copied it, used baltic birch ply, outcome is Ok but had some lifting when tape was removed
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    Outside corner moulding

    Looking for a source, Outside Corner moulding, Wood to make a frame for a scrollsaw piece I am doing for our daughter. Big box stores mostly poly stuff.
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    Another one

    Have been admiring the Free Spirit Berta had done so wonderfully, thank you for sharing, and when I first saw it, made me think of our daughter, and Grandaughter, they have had a difficult time last 5 months, grandaughter in and out of hospital, she is only 12, and the work Berta posted...
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    First real attempt

    New to this scrollsaw stuff, and was fortunate to acquire a very nice Delta from a good member, Thanks Joe. This is an anniversary present for my better half, a Sue Mey pattern I saw on another site. Used local milled Black Walnut, was approx 1/2 + thick, handsawn into 2 pieces, used full...

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