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    Shopbot Buddy BT-32 CNC router

    EDITED I'm the second owner of this slightly used CNC has a 24 x 36 in. aluminum bed, and a 3 1/4 hp Porter-Cable router for a spindle. I've added heavy duty casters for mobility, "e-chain" for cable management, and upgraded to the newest communication board. Machine is all steel...
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    Mash Stirrer

    A buddy of mine who brews craft beer asked me if I could make him a wooden mash stirrer with the name of his company on it. This is what I came up with...made of cherry with no finish so as not to contaminate the brew.
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    Laser Attachment for CNC Router

    I have been working on attaching a laser to my CNC router, and after coming up with a way to mount it, control intensity and focus, feed rates, modifying my CNC controller and my CAD/CAM software to recognize the laser, I think I’ve finally got a handle on it...I’ve attached an image that I had...
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    Delta Unisaw

    Friend of mine has this for sale.
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    Latest CNC Project

    Made this on my CNC machine for my youngest grand-daughter...It’s made from a piece of cherry that I found to have an interesting figure...Total run time was about 2 1/2 hours using a 1/4” single flute bit for roughing, a 1/8” ball nose bit for finishing and a 1/2” 60 deg. ”V” bit for...
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    Jet Dust Collector

    A friend of mine here in Charlotte has a 1 1/2 hp Jet Vortex DC-1100-VX-CK dust collector with the canister filter for sale that is less than a year old. He's asking $450.00. He can be contacted at if you're interested, or PM me and I'll give you his phone number.
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    Newest CNC Inlay

    Made of walnut and maple...I got this image off the internet and decided to try it.
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    Drum Sander

    Not too long ago (maybe a month) someone in the Charlotte area was advertising in the classified section that they had a lightly used Delta drum sander...I only saw it once before it went away...Was wondering if anyone knows who had it for sale and if it sold.
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    CNC Inlay

    First try at a CNC inlay using mahogany and maple
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    CNC upgrade

    I just finished changing the 2 1/4 hp router on my CNC over to a 2.2 kw air cooled spindle and variable frequency drive...and I ran my first project with it. I'm really surprised with the difference...a lot less noise (almost none until the actual cut starts) loss of power as the rpm's are...
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    Examples of CNC Carving

    A couple of examples of some of my CNC work.
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    New to this site

    I'm a semi-retired Community College CNC machining instructor...I've been doing wood and metal working since I was in high school and working with my dad in a cabinet shop...I have a homebuilt CNC router that I use for most of my projects now...I also have a part-time business installing...

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