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    I have ALWAYS used my own wipe on poly. 50/50 mix. You soak a rag and wring it out. Wipe the item like you were a teenager working at a diner wiping down tables at 10:58 and you get off for a date at 11:00 (i.e. don't wipe and wipe and wipe). Just wipe it and move on. It will even out over...
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    Worried too much about wasted wood?

    There are various cutlist applications available out on the internet that will optimize your cutting. They will even account for grain direction. I haven't ever used one myself although I generally make a rough layout on a scratch piece of paper. I generally find that scraps I save aren't the...
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    What type of Shoes to you wear in your Workshop?

    The important thing I've seen from foot doctors is to rotate through your shoes. Even subtle differences help move contact points around which in turn changes which how the musculature responds. Share the load around.
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    Not sure I'd want to use this

    This is the saw I started woodworking on...pedestal and all. The fence was fiddly as noted above. My biggest problem was the motor hung off the back and was driven by a really small belt and would not handle hard cuts well at all. Joe
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    SOLD: Powermatic PM701 Hollow Chisel Mortiser

    I tried your link and it doesn't work? or at least for me it won't. I'd be interested in talking to you about the tool. Joe 704.609.5545
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    Hello from Denver, NC

    Been a long time lurker and decided it was time to emerge from out of the shadows. I've enjoyed the helpful people on this forum. My interests in woodworking are pretty far flung, from the the original honey do items that I used to justify my initial tool purchases such as kitchen cabinets and...
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    Thin ca glue to seal end grain on chairs? Or epoxy?

    I used regular 5 minute epoxy and it has lasted 10 years outside. Just replaced it on both of my mahogany adirondack chairs about 2 weeks ago. I used masking tape wrapped about 1/8" above the ends of the chair the legs to create a small dam to pour in the epoxy. It doesn't really take much...
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    Powermatic jointer

    I was lucky enough to do both ( go 8" and helical). After having knives for 15 years, I love my helical. That said, if I had to choose between 6" helical and 8" knives, I'd go with the 8". People have obviously been using knives for years with satisfactory results and the extra 2" is really...
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    Shop Apron

    What I like most about my apron that I would recommend are the ties. The loop at the top is large so I can easily slip it over my head with out having to adjust it every time. Then since the lower ties are attached, you just pull them down to adjust the apron position on your body and tie it...
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    To Insulate or not to Insulate

    Just to be clear and tie together some of the above comments....? Unless you are in the building for more than 5 years (by crunching different assumed numbers) the insulation won't pay for itself directly in terms of energy savings. Also doubtful you could market it as and "upgraded" building...
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    First cutting board

    Very nice! These sort of "3-D" cutting boards intrigue me. I might do one as a next project. Any gotchas or words of wisdom you might share that you'd do differently next time? Thanks, Joe
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    Moving to Matthews

    Thanks for al the ideas for wood supplies! Joe
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    Moving to Matthews

    @Matt Furjanic I've been pretty flush with wood and other projects....but now needing some wood. Just found out Charlotte Hardwoods is gone. I'd be interested in what sources you might know of "local-ish" to Charlotte. Not sure best way to do this? I couldn't seem to reply just to you via the...
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    Band saw guidance please.

    For thicker woods I typically use blades with fewer teeth. A rule of thumb is 3-4 teeth (minimum) in the material at any time. The obvious consequence of both a faster cut with a rough-cut blade and fewer teeth is that the cuts might be rougher. In fine woodworking using hardwoods, smoothness...
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    FOR SALE: Dewalt 733 Planer

    I have sold this unit, thanks for the interest! Joe
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    FOR SALE: Dewalt 733 Planer

    Planer is in excellent operating condition. I just have gotten a larger fixed base planer and only have so much room... Planer is mounted on a flip top table with casters. Has outfeed tables and dust collection connection. Table also has a Rigid EB4424 Oscillating Belt Sander, also with dust...

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